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Great Comfortable Ladies Sandal Styles From NAOT

When it comes to attempting to find sandals, it can be so hard finding a pair that’s going to be comfy. For so many girls, comfort is just as important – if not more significant – than style. But why can’t you have stylish sandals that are comfy, too?

NAOT footwear are comfortable, but if you’re looking to reduce down your selections, below you’ll find the top 5 NAOT sandals to test out when shopping for new shoes. NAOT sandals come in 7 alternative styles: Slide, Backstrap, Toe Strap, Removable Footbed, Rhinestone, Wedge, and Flats. The wedge NAOT sandals are comfortable, but they don’t seem to be the best of the other styles of sandals, and the Rhinestone series is very similar to the Slides. As for the best NAOT sandals, check out the following options.

1. Slide Sandals – These sandals come in a selection of options ranging from slip-on sandals with a little 1/4′ heel to a 2 3/4′ heel. The smaller heel sandals are much more comfortable than those with a heel. You will find that the Classic Collection are the most comfortable just because they’ve a smaller heel. These sandals are a joy to wear and should be able to provide instant relieve for your hurting arches and feet.

2. Backstrap Sandals – The Backstrap NAOT sandals are good because they have a strap in the back of hte sandal to help in keeping the shoe on your foot. You do not have to stress about holding on with your toes. There’s a slight heel on most of these shoes that ranges from 3/4′ heel to a 2 1/2′ heel, but with the comfort of the backstrap, the sandals are way more comfortable than you might imagine.

3. Toe Stap Sandals – Like most of the NAOT sandals, these have a slight heel with a range all the way from 1/4′ to one 3/4′, which isn’t that bad, and you will notice that for a flip flop, these sandals are totally comfortable.

4. Removable Footbed Sandals – These NAOT sandals offer pliability, feminineness, and aptitude. They come in a variety of styles with a slight wedge heel starting from about one 1/4′ to 1 3/4′ tall. These sandals all have removable footbeds that allow you to get the maximum comfort. Whether you use or remove the orthopedic insoles, your feet will certainly be comforted.

5. Flat Sandals – Flats are doubtless going to be the best NAOT sandals on the pure fact that they are flat. These sandals only have a heel of approximately 1/4′, but some do range up to one 1/2′ high. These sandals can appear as dress sandals, so you can wear them to work, but they’re superb for the weekends in your jeans and t-shirt too.

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NAOT sandals come in a wide selection, and when it comes to selecting the actual pair, that will be your call. Just consider adjustable straps and flatter heels for the most comfort. Visit ComfortableFoot or Zappos for the best in comfortable sandals for women.