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Grab Some Totally Retro 50s Halloween Costumes, Cat!

Embrace the nostalgia this October with 1950s Halloween costumes for the whole family. Gather up all the greaser wigs for the boys, poodle skirts for the girls, and jump in your hot rod cars headed for a 50s inspired Halloween. Seriously, there may not be any hot rods, but you definitely could get outfitted in the attire of day. A whole family in 1950s Halloween costumes is sure to be a hit this Halloween.

As long as you remember a few simple rules, you can make your 1950s Halloween costumes as unique as you want. And don’t let the social divisions of the day stall your efforts in choosing a design style to follow. The 50s have long gone; go with costumes that you will feel most comfortable with.

Get those men together, throw a leather jacket over a white t-shirt and watch them show off their best John Travolta from “Grease” impersonation. You can even go all the way to the other side with it and dress the guys in pocket protectors and bowties. This ‘nerd’ look is just as much a representation of 1950s Halloween Costumes as those that are ‘cool’.

Ladies, you have two choices before you go as well. You can do the 50s inspired poodle skirt; pair it with a white shirt and matching white socks, and you’ve got a classic representation of 1950s Halloween costumes for women (or girls). But this ‘wholesome’ girl is not the only one we’ve seen from the 1950s; there is also the ‘bad’ girl. This girl would, no doubt, be wearing skin tight pants on bottom while her top was covered in a ‘Pink Ladies’ type jacket (again, think “Grease”).

The point is simple: angel Halloween costumes don’t have to be executed in the same old ways of the past. The golden halo doesn’t have to be golden, you can try a different color; heck, you could even replace the halo with a wreath of flowers if you wanted. Get creative, look around your local craft store for inexpensive alternatives. As for the wings, feather wings are the standard choice; but you can make your own wings (and they don’t have to be white).

Adding your own special embellishments can also help you personalize your angel Halloween costumes. If you are a bible toting angel, maybe your robe has scriptures written all over. If you are a ‘bad’ angel, maybe you carry a pitch fork to go with your bloody red halo. You can adjust your angel costume to put people in the mind of heaven, or hel,l if you’d like.

Really live the part and learn the language of the times! Watch an old film, or browse the internet for websites devoted to the 1950s. If you are not sure what words were popular in everyday speech, the resources are out there, or pop in your Happy Days DVD or VHS. Make all who see you think they have been transported back in time!

1950s Halloween costumes can be fun, and easy to make. Keep it as simple as you want to, or as elaborate as you like, complete with slang from the times. The best part is that this costume style is usually easily recognizable and comfortable to wear. There are a variety of styles to choose, ranging from the super nerdy to the ultra cool. Enjoy the nostalgia and appeal of this long gone decade with personalized 1950s Halloween costumes for the whole family! Edited by Hetsil Protage

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