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Gold Shoes – Take A Walk On The Wild Side Of Shoes

Gold shoes have been coming in and going out of style for decades. Whenever they are in, they are a popular favorite among the night time party crowd as well as for formal dress. The fact that they are so versatile really plays in their favor, which is a big contributing factor to their repeated popularity.

This color of shoe can come in all different types and styles: there are high heeled styles, strappy sandals, flat varieties, even boots that all classify as gold shoes.

Often this color of shoe can complete an outfit or be the primary focus. Styles that are high heeled usually are worn with night time formal wear, as are those that are sandals with straps. Strap sandals that are flat heeled can be worn during the day, and flat heeled styles made like ballerina slippers can be worn during the day with a pair of jeans to give the outfit a bit of punch. The boot styles can be worn with jeans as well and are a unique twist to any outfit.

Gold shoes, like other metallic shoes, are usually part of a trend. The trend may only last for a few years but typically all fashion trends are re-visited every twenty years, so like other fashion trends this color of shoe pops in and out of the fashion world.

Technically, these shoes are really never out of style, as they are always in for formal wear; this is especially true of high heeled and sandal styles. If the dress is metallic, then it follows the trend of other fashionable metallic colors. It accents dresses well, and looks great with the right purse or jacket. The best look, though, is matching dress and shoes.

Although it might be a bit more difficult to find these shoes when they are not at the top of the list in fashion, it is possible to find gold shoes and all their varieties of style in almost any shoe store all times. However, they may be limited to stores that exclusively sell formal clothing and accessories.

Golden shoes became wildly popular a few decades ago and are still a must for any wardrobe, for both casual and formal outfits.