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Going Green! Ethical Clothes

Since the world continues to become more global, rapid awareness is possible. Leading an eco friendly life, along with wearing ethical clothes is becoming an increasing trend on a global basis. In order to show off these days, the ideal thing to do is to dress up using clothes that depict your serious attitude towards environment care.

Being aware of and living an environmentally healthy life, defines green living. Many ways of achieving this includes aiding in overcoming environmental issues, and searching for solutions, the problem of natural resources, and the way to rectify it. How is one able to lead a green life on a domestic basis?

Following the basics, and starting from square one. As soon as your leave a room, switch off all lights, do not leave the television on stand-by mode. Try not to use sprays, or else use eco-friendly ones. Save water by taking a shower instead of a bath. Use public transport and car-pooling to become a source of saving the environment from the hazardous emissions from the car. Plant trees everywhere. Switch to a laptop from a desktop. All such apparently small measures need to be taken seriously.

Green clothes are ethically produced clothes, for which there is a high demand these days. However, a shopping spree is not required if he/she plans to go green. The greenest clothes are ones that an individual owns.

No more materials collected, sewed, delivered, or bought. Old clothes cannot give you the satisfaction that new clothes would give, although if a little imagination is used, you might end up liking what you see. One could cut old shirts into tank tops, and caprice into skirts, and long skirts into short ones. One could even make a shirt look completely new by dyeing it with a planet-friendly dye.

Clothes not requiring dry cleaning are green; clothes which do not require warm water and can be line dried. Although hard to find, attaining such clothes is not impossible, and they are sustainable over a long period. Sustainable refers to the physical life of the clothing, as well as the fashion sense. Clothes, which can be worn for long, can keep their bright colours, and carry classic styles are preferred.

A number of designers are collecting used material to recycle, and use them for their latest styles. Apart from this, one does not always have to go to buy new clothes. Thanks to the opportunity, salvaged, and clothes shops. These are definitely better than stuffing one into the hand-me-downs that belonged to our brothers and sisters. The best part is that there is a wide variety of styles available to suit everyone. There are even boutiques that are selling famous and prestige labels.

Excluding the physical aspects, which are obvious to a limit, green clothing also involves the workers making them. Ethically responsible clothing consists of those clothes for which, a fair price is paid, and for which, the labourers are not harmed, or are exploited in any manner. Research showed some firms importing clothes from Asian countries ignored the labourers, who were over worked, underpaid, got no days off, and were threatened with legal action if they told anyone what the truth facts were.

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