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Glasses Dilemma: Which Glasses Case?

The cost of buying a new pair of glasses or sunglasses can be very expensive so with that in mind protection of the glasses is paramount. A glasses case is a cheap and inexpensive way to protect your glasses. There are different types of eye glasses case that can be bought including soft fabric type, hard plastic type or semi hard type. There are so many types of glasses on the market so choosing a case could not be easier.

The soft spectacles cases are designed to suit the wearer and consist of soft fabric with a lining sewn inside. The case usually has a flap that closes the case with the aid of a popper or zip. The eye or sun glasses slide into the body of the case.

The benefits of the soft type glasses case are:- The design can vary by using different fabrics, colours, shapes and patterns to suit the needs of the customer They are very light, can be folded with ease and be easily carried with the glasses not inside. They take up hardly any room when the glasses are inside of them so can be easily put into your pocket or bag. The only drawback is that the soft fabric type does not offer much protection from being sat on or stood accidentally.

The hard plastic rigid type consists of a rectangular shaped body that is lined inside and fitted with a two hinges or a rod to open like a trunk. These are the standard type and come in various colours and forms. Pros:- Offer more protection than soft or semi hard type from glasses falling or being crushed The plastic is tough and hard wearing Certain types can ensure that they are locked so therefore kidsproof. These types of cases however are bulky and cannot be put into your pocket or bag easily, plain design and colours and are not easily carried due their size.

The semi rigid types offer the wearer a mix of the soft and hard case. This type has a hard rigid material such as vinyl inserted in between the soft lining to offer more protection for the eye or sun glasses. They can come in a variety of colours, patterns, prints and fabrics. The advantages of this type are:- Easy to transport the glasses in Offer more protection than the soft type but not as much as the hard type. Can come in a variety of patterns, styles and colours Are the most versatile type on the market

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