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Getting To Know Carmelo Anthony And Lala

Carmelo Anthony and Lala Vasquez originally met in 2003. They remained friends for a month before pursuing more. Ever since, they continue a strong relationship. Many see them as one of the hottest couples that were made for each other.

If you were to ask LaLa, she would tell you that Carmelo had been asking about her. DJ Clue was a mutual friend between the two, which Melo continued asking him about her. Finally, after some time, he saw her inside of a club and introduced himself. From there, it’s been a love story in the making.

It was Christmas day on 2004 that Melo asked Lala to marry him. From there, they found out Lala was expecting in 2006. Kiyan was born to them on March 7, 2007 the following year.

Lala is famous for her TV personality and has done various things regarding shows and modeling. Melo on the other hand is the small forward for the denver nuggets. Currently Lala is 30 and Melo is 25. Their son now is 2.

The two of them seem like they are in no rush to get married. Both say they are enjoying their relationship and no wedding plans have been set. From the time, they started going out, they now have been together for close to seven years.

Both of them have been through a lot together. They went through a period where Melo was arrested for a DUI and then Lala was ejected from one of Melo’s games, due to her becoming upset with fans. Additionally, there have been claims that Melo has been seeing a 24 year old in Los Angeles, whether true that is unknown. Melo and Lala continue a relationship as engaged, when they get married, who knows?

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