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Getting The Best Gold Aquamarine Bracelet

Often seen as the gemstone of mermaids, due to its sea-like hue, aquamarine actually comes from deep within the earth, just like other gemstones. Aquamarine is a mineral of the beryl family, which makes it a cousin of the emerald. Some shades even hold a green tint, giving it a teal color. However, a heavy blue is the most desired shade so these green tinted stones are often heat-treated to remove the green hues. But, if you appreciate the teal-colored stones, you can find an aquamarine bracelet in just the shade you desire.

Every month gets a gemstone dedicated to it. For March, it’s the refreshing blue aquamarine. If you are shopping for a birthstone gift in March, gold aquamarine bracelet choices will be abundant, with a variety of hues and cuts. Wearing an aquamarine and diamond ring for a wedding ring is also a gorgeous choice filled with intriguing lore. The stone is said to ensure a successful marriage, bringing happiness, particularly to the bride. During medieval times, the stone was believed also to have the power to rekindle lost marital love, making it a popular gift for the 16th and 19th wedding anniversaries.

Though this gem is related to the emerald, it is easier to care for. Emeralds are rife with inclusions, but the aquamarine is not really. This makes it more durable and much less likely to chip or crack. On the Mohs scale of harness, it ranks an 8 which is quite hard. Despite its durability, severe chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners are not really recommended. All you need to do is soak them in hot soapy water and then wipe them with a cloth.

Often cut in the traditional ways, these stones are also popular among cutters for designer pieces using unconventional shapes and sizes. These give the gemstone a more modern and fashionable look. Uniquely cut stones can be classic and contemporary at the same time. Look for an gold aquamarine bracelet that have deep-colored stones as they are best for practically any outfit. These stones are more precious though so expect them to be more expensive.

Look for closure systems that make it easy for you to put the bracelet on and remove on your own. For casual settings, a nylon cord bracelet will allow you to easily slip the bracelet over your hands for your convenience. Complete information on a recommended gold aquamarine bracelet is available Picky Guide, the authority in free consumer advice.

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