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Get Your Best Look With A Neck Liposuction

Not all body fats in all areas are qualified for liposuction. Aside from common liposuction areas like your hips, thighs and abdomen, you can also ask your doctor to perform a neck liposuction. What does this procedure involve?

What For?

Our face is the first thing that people notice about us. Your neck however also becomes a point for observation because of its closeness to the face. When we reach ages above thirty, we often notice changes in this part of our bodies. Sometimes even exercise and diet will not be able to reduce the fatty thickening of the neck. You may therefore choose to simply cover up with special clothes and accessories to hide your neck of your can choose to undergo neck liposuction. A good neck liposuction procedure will be able to fix your double chin problem.


During consultation, it’s best to tell your surgeon your goals for planning to undergo a liposuction. A surgeon would then typically explain what will happen during the procedure and whether your expectations are realistic. You should also make sure to ask about possible risks involved in the procedure.

Just as in any liposuction procedure, your doctor should first assess your fitness as a candidate for neck liposuction. Age, skin elasticity, emotional stability and physical health are crucial factors in determining your eligibility for neck liposuction. Older people with sagging skin, people with poor skin elasticity and those with serious diseases or medical conditions may not be good candidates for this procedure.

The Procedure

First, your surgeon will make incision marks either under the chin or behind ear lobes for your neck liposuction. A cannula will then be inserted and will suck out the excess fat through a tube and vacuum pump. To reduce fluid loss and reduction an intravenous line will supply you with sufficient fluids. During the procedure your surgeon may give you local anesthesia paired with a sedative or general anesthesia depending on your condition and preference. The neck liposuction procedure may last for an hour.

What to Expect After

Like liposuction from other parts of the body, expect some bruising, numbness, bleeding, swelling and pain after neck liposuction. You may be taken in only as an outpatient though and will be allowed to go home after a few hours. You may actually have a sore neck for several weeks and you may be required to wear a neck compressor for a few weeks as you recuperate.

Once your neck liposuction is healed, you may notice excess skin and skin sagging. This is especially true among people with poor skin elasticity. The procedure can do nothing to improve poor skin quality and muscle tone. To prevent unsightly sagging from developing, you should discuss with your surgeon the possibility of combining neck liposuction with a neck lift to remove possible excess skin after the procedure. A combination procedure may be more expensive but it can improve the appearance of firmness of your neck.

It is always best to ask your doctor about the probable chances of getting a slimmer, more improved neck before liposuction. If you suspect that your skin is no longer elastic then it may be a better idea to stay away from the procedure altogether.

Your safety comes first. Discover all you need to know regarding the liposuction procedure before you undertake a neck liposuction.