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Get Trendy With Diamonds

The diamond gains its value solely by two of its major traits, its unchanging beauty and time immunity. The diamond can surpass time as it takes billions of years to form. It may be of old age, but its beauty never fades away. It is the hardest natural gem on earth because it scores 10 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness meaning it is almost scratch proof. The hardness in the mineral hardness scale pertains to the ability of the gem to resist scratches. Simultaneous with the vast growth of human life, comes technology which can now produce man made diamonds!

Diamonds are very valuable gems. They are valuable for a few reasons: one, it is of old age, diamonds take billions of years underground for it to form therefore making it very expensive as its stock is hardly replaceable; two, it is the toughest gem ever as it is very scratch resistant that only another diamond will be able to scratch through it but it will damage both sides; and three, it is rare, diamonds are mined miles beneath the ground making it rare to find, apart from that, the color of the diamond determines it rarity as the clear ones are the most common and the pink and purple ones prove to be the rarest.

Lab-created diamonds are exact replicas of the natural diamonds. A bad connotation has been widespread saying that lab-created diamonds are fakes, but no, it is actually regarded as real diamonds by traders and experts in the trade. These gems are of the same quality like the natural diamonds. It gets different with the pricing since these processed diamonds just take a few processes and not millions of years to form.

The fashion trend also changed with created diamonds. Diamonds are vital to a lot of fashion entities as it proves to be a symbol of splendor. It has doubled its demand in fashion when man made diamonds were released because of lower costs in getting them. A good example of a simulated or synthetic diamond is the New Star Hybrid, which is a diamond with better hardness than cubic zirconia or moissanite but has the same qualities of natural diamonds such as the beauty, clarity and brilliance.

Another type of diamond product widely used is designer diamond rings. These rings cost fortunes if the natural ones are bought. However, the synthetic diamonds have dominated the trade and have been a new fashion to people because of its low price and the detail that other people will admire you whenever you wear one.

If you are curious on how these are produced, synthetic diamonds’ production take place in laboratories. Materials called diamond simulants or minerals that resemble diamonds if processed properly are put into a series of laboratory processes. When the processes are completed these diamonds are cut and shaped into the desired figure and designed to fit into the desired adornment where it would be placed.

Life has become advanced and technology has flourished. Various innovations and inventions are created. New discoveries have been revealed. This is all because of the rapid development of technology. Knowing that the diamond can be man made, what other things would be developed next?

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