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Get The Useful Tips About The Dry Skin Care

Dry skin is one of the major problems that plague many men and women these days. A dry skin care lotion is one of the essential items for a person who suffers from dry skin. There are many different kinds of dry skin care lotion products available for sale which claims to be able to address the needs of an individual with dry skin. The thing to do when choosing a dry skin care lotion is to check out its ingredients instead of looking at just the advertisement. One may even make a homemade dry skin care product according to one’s needs.


Ideally, dry skin should have an abundance of moisturizer applications in order to be less sensitive and less prone to dryness. Dry skin care lotion should contain enough emollients to address the need for moisturizers in the skin. This does not necessarily mean that oil should be present in the dry skin care lotion; many water based lotions are quite effective especially for dual type skin which has oily skin.

Emollients are ingredients that effectively make skin silkier and smooth. These lupicating agents are found in silicone, animal fats, lanolin, Shea butter, mineral and plat oils, petrolatum, cocoa butter, cholesterol and many others. Dry skin care lotion pands with any of the listed emollient may be effective for dry skin. These contribute a lot to the softness of a person’s skin and the silky texture in the skin after the dry skin care lotion has been applied correctly.


Humectants are also important to have in a dry skin care lotion. These are water binding ingredients that can help the skin absorb and bind moisture when it can be found. Many of the lotions which are great for dry skin often have ingredients like humectants since these continually bind the moisture present in the skin and like wise pull in moisture from the air to add to that of the skin. A dry skin care lotion with much humectant is ideal. Humectants to look for in a list of ingredients are hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, lecithin, amino acids, and other gylcosaminoglycans. Hyaluronic acid is noteworthy to see in a lotion ingredient list because this is one of the most effective water binding ingredients in the world. It can supposedly bind a thousand times its weight in water.

These two are among the ingredients that should be found in an effective dry skin care lotion.

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