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Get Rid Of Under The Eye Wrinkles The Practical Way

Growing old and looking old are just about everyone’s nightmare. They say that it is against social graces to ask a woman her age, what more if you guessed her age five or more years older than her real age. It will really make her world turn upside down.

Deep under the eye wrinkles greatly affect one’s appearance in that they make one’s age quite obvious. Inasmuch as the skin under the eyes is very thin and delicate, it easily develops fine lines and dark circles with the passage of time.

Here are some tips on how you can do to reduce the chance of developing eye wrinkles. Drinking appropriate amount of water and liquid is indispensable in keeping the skin young and moisturized. Wrinkles are formed due to dehydration and dryness of the skin. Never let soda, coffee, tea or other caffeine rich drinks take the role of water in our daily liquid intake. Drinking water is the best and the most basic wrinkle prevention method.

Eating a balanced diet with lots of fruits, vegetables and fish will not only improve your health and minimize the risk of hypertension but will also help in preventing skin wrinkling. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fibers that help eliminate wastes and toxins out of your system.

Sleeping on your face will cause folds in the skin that would eventually become permanent creases on your face. If sleeping on your belly is the only way you could sleep soundly, you can invest in a specially shaped pillow to avoid wrinkles forming on your face.

Smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks dries out the skin, making it more prone to wrinkles. If you cannot avoid them, at least reduce your intake.

Smoking and drinking will not only lead to illnesses like hypertension, liver problems and upper respiratory tract infections. These vices will also rob the youthful appearance of your skin making it appear dry and dull. So if you’d like to save your body and skin from the devastating effects of alcohol and cigarettes, you should already give up these bad habits.

Stay away from midday sun or if you can’t, wear sunglasses to prevent the sun’s UV rays damaging the skin under your eyes. Eye moisturizers with sun screen and collagen can also be used to further protect your eyes from sun damage. Choose a product that would suit your skin type to get the optimum result.

So even before opting to get surgeries and expensive treatments, make no mistake about it. It always pays to be proactive as prevention is always better than cure. If you want to look even just a little bit younger, incorporate the above mentioned tips into your lifestyle and you will find yourself beautiful with healthy, radiant and wrinkle or blemish free skin. is the premier resource for Under The Eye Wrinkles information on the Internet, with facts and articles on How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles related topics, and much more. Click the links above for more information !