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Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Easily With These Tips

One consequence of aging is the loss of elasticity of the skin. This leads to the formation of stretch marks that result from over stretching of the skin. These dark-colored lines, usually red, purple or brown, indicate damage of the elastin fibers. Damaged elastin prevents skin to revert back, and causing the appearance of these lines.

If left alone, these stretch marks really take a long time before they heal. There are actually different ways to hasten the repair of the damaged elastin fibers. People do not have to be discouraged when getting rid of the stretch marks on the body.

The easiest way to remove stretch marks on the skin is by applying cocoa butter. Cocoa butter enhances the regeneration of elastin and collagen in the skin. This works effectively since it deeply penetrates beneath the skin. Once it passes through the dermis, it can start repairing the damage and help skin cell regeneration. It will result in an evident reduction and lightening of the stretch marks on the skin.

Stretch marks creams are also effective ways to get rid of stretch marks on the skin. Like cooca butter, this is applied on the skin in order to reduce the stretch marks. Most stretch mark creams contain glycolic acid, retinol, alpha hydroxyl acids and tretinoin. These creams enhance the repair of the skin. When applied, skin regeneration becomes faster, replacing the damage primary layer of the skin.

One treatment that has been proven to remove stretch marks is microdermabrasion. This procedure uses emitted crystals that are used to remove the dead skin cells and the primary layer of the skin. Stretch marks as well as impurities found on the skin are removed. Once the layer of skin is removed, the growth of new skin is stimulated. This results to having smoother and younger-looking skin.

Laser treatments are effective ways to remove the stretch marks on the skin. This may be an expensive treatment, but is guaranteed to remove any trace of stretch marks on the skin. The skin is exposed to a beam of light, basically removing the top layer of the skin together with the stretch marks. As the skin heals, the stretch marks become lighter until it totally disappears. This is done for a series of treatments before it actually disappears.

People must treat stretch marks immediately. Once these appear on the skin, people must start treating them right away. White stretch marks are more difficult to remove since these are older. While the stretch marks are still red, purple or brown, people should start treating these already. It is possible to get rid of stretch marks on the skin. People can now have flawless skin by removing the stretch marks on it.

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