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Fun Ideas For Trendy Jeans Using Wholesale Clothing

Hip Clothing is at an outrageous number in the area of purchasing these days. Some jeans that look as if they are 20 or 30 years old go for anywhere from $150 to $1000 in most designers collections.Here we show you how to make your own hot and trendy things to wear without paying these prices by buying wholesale clothing just for the purpose of redoing them.

Making torn and faded bleached jeans is much easier than you may think. All you need is a very large trash bag cut into and taped with duct tape onto a reliable, sturdy flattened surface for working on.

The only supplies you will need are scissors, duct tape, jeans, bleach pens, grater, cloth gloves, trash bag and close proximity to your shower. You need to find a surface that is completely flat and then tape the trash bag to cut. You will first have to use the scissors to cut the bag for it to fit perfectly.

Now you can wash the jeans inside out and the rips will then ravel and fray for a more distressed look and give them a vintage style vibe to them as well. You can also run a grater over them all over or just in the bleached out areas until the fabric begins to pull away slightly. This gives the jeans a lived in look and makes for more comfortable wear.

You can make great jean jackets by using this same method as well. You can also use paints especially for fabric to hand paint iron-on transfers on shirts and sweaters. These are not colorized but outlines of the things you wish to put on clothing. Using fabric paints and sturdy brushes you will be able to make incredibly beautiful clothing artwork.

You can also shop around at thrift type stores to find old jeans to experiment with as well as old shirts to let you get in practice before trying it on new clothing.

Hand the jeans up for approximately a twenty-four hour period for the best results and then wash once and hand again to dry or toss in dryer on low setting.

Fabric paint can also be used in even more creative ways. You can paint peace symbols, tribal designs etc on the legs, pockets or knees of jeans and jackets too create your own personal style. People will think you purchased these from high end design boutiques not that you made them yourself.

Draw on them like graffiti with fabric paint pens and add some sparkle with stones and other cool accessories like crystals, glow in the dark paints etc. Your imagination is the key to making your jeans one of a kind and truly sought after.

Shopping for wholesale clothing makes it so much easier to find great bargains and to be able to create great new trends at half the cost. Why spend thousands on jeans and other vintage looking clothing when for $20. 00 or less you can do them yourself.

You can create wonderful inexpensive hip jeans by purchasing wholesale clothing as well as Wholesale Apparel. Today’s latest trend in jeans have then all ripped, worn, painted, bleached and more.