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Free Distant Healing Session In Exchange For Your Feedback On It (London)

Hello and thanks for looking at my ad. I am looking for some volunteers to receive some distant healing. What does that mean? Ill explain you. A distant healing session means that you will receive some energy healing where you are at home while you relax. I will be sending this energy from my home using popular and well known modalities such as Reiki Chios Energy Field Helaling Angel Therapy and Shamanic Healing. This is possible because energy (or for some the Universal Love) can travel long distances for it has no bounds to matter. Spiritual Healing can help in curing physical illness stress insomnia fears and much more. However do not consider it as a substitute for formal care from your Doctor. Consider it an alternative and complementary therapy. It can also be received just for general well being no side effects You should be available for 30 minutes circa undisturbed and able to relax on your couch or bed maybe while listening to some soothing music. We will of course agree a specific day and time for this. All free but I want to receive some feedback on the session with comments such as what you felt how it was and so on. If you want to know more please write me. I will be happy to help. Thanks for looking Blessings