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Four Crucial Ways Lace Wigs Kick the Butt of Your Hair Stylist

1. Doing a Styling is truly costly. A trip to the hair salon guarantees a minimum of $40 today, especially if you want to do any kind of complex process. Looking at a heavy change to your style? You’re certainly looking at a minimum of $80. Extras such as extensions will push it all even higher.

With high quality lace wigs, however, you’ll have none of those problems. Once you’ve gotten over the (shallow) learning curve of understanding how to wear the wig, you can change your hair at whatever time you want, with no expenses after your primary, one-time spending.

2. It’s heavy on your hair. Yeah, we have a ton of hair, and it’s not all theoretically a living entity like, for example, our skin might be, but let’s face it — our hair is pretty delicate. Using the stylist every 3 weeks for a strong treatment isn’t so good for you — even your stylist will tell you this.

Since a great lace wig is made from hair that doesn’t belong to you, you’ve got nothing to be worried over. And it comes already sporting a style (depending on what kind of wig you order), so there’s no terrible chance of you wrecking the hair, since you don’t need to subject it to the same vigorous treatment as your natural hair.

3. It’s rough on our scalps, as well. We frequently forget about our scalp, often since — unless we razor our head — we don’t see it very often. But it’s still there, a proper layer of our skin just as any other, only possessing thousands of tiny follicles.

With a lace wig, your scalp is untouched. You can freely switch among highly different hair styles without worrying about any theoretical issues. And as long as you don’t keep wearing it all the time — which is easy, since you don’t have to sleep in it, anyway — the top of your scalp will always be able to breathe without a single problem.

4. There’s a limit to what you can alter. Ignoring the severe changes you can have done at the hair dresser, there’s only a certain level any of us can do when it comes to our hair. Sure, we can dye it, cut it, and change it heavily — but when it comes down to it, it’s still our hair with our characteristics.

This isn’t the case with lace wigs — there’s truly no ceiling to how flamboyant you can become. Your head can go through the most heavy color and style alterations during the course of a few days, and still have free time left over for another huge change. It was recently in the news that Beyonce owns so many wigs, they are worth over $a million: think about how many fashions she can get through in one week!

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