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Foot Pain? Diabetes And Foot Massagers – What You Should Know

Foot problems are a very common and life threatening reality faced by diabetic patients on an everyday basis. Hence it is absolutely essential for diabetics to consider foot care as an important part of their daily skincare regime to avoid complications. EuroScrub Foot Scrubber and Safety Mat are an ideal combination to help keep feet squeaky clean.

What is the link between Diabetes and foot problems?

The link between Diabetes and foot problems can be found in nervous system malfunctions which is a direct result of the diseases, in turn leading to patients inability to control, co-ordinate or even feel their feet properly. Normal sweating and oil secretion for skin lubrication of the feet starts to slow down significantly in turn leading to the development of sores and wounds on the feet.

Generally it is difficult for diabetic patients to heal these wounds due to damage in blood vessels and malfunction of immune system. This leads to bacterial infection in affected areas. Finally, these complications will end in cell death characterized by decay of body tissues. If these complications are not treated in time, the infection spreads to the bloodstream and can lead to death.

Problem prevent.

Due to the fact that Diabetics are so prone to foot disorders, extra special attention should be paid to their feet. These can be done in the following ways:

Diabetics foot care includes but are definitely not limited to:

learn feet self-examine techniques and to detect early symptoms if any,

practice of high hygiene levels including washing and drying of feet daily specifically between toes,

use soft loofah sponge for mild exfoliation,

treat cuts or wounds with antiseptics and dress them properly until healed,

Check feet for cuts, sores, bruises & health of toenails

Never walk barefoot even indoors

Choose & wear only correct-fitting footwear

Use footwear that offer more space

ensure footwear has enough toe and foot space,

exercises and foot massages every day in an attempt to increase blood flow,

use mild foot massagers with greatest of care

Consult a Podiatrist regularly

EuroScrub’s Foot Scrubber/Safety Mat scrubs feet clean even if you can’t reach the feet. EuroScrub:

Exfoliates the dead skin cells off your feet

Massages the muscles of the foot thus stimulating blood circulation, which is so critical for diabetics.

Scrubber material contains super antibacterial and anti-fungal agents to ensure hygiene.

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