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Foods that Cause Acne – Only a Myth?

A lot of people are looking for a method to lower their acne. Often the reason for acne is the diet of a person, on the other hand there are no researches on this subject and it is still a big point of discussion if foods can cause acne? On the other hand, certain symptoms have shown that a person’s diet plan and acne are widely connected and thus particular foods in one’s diet can result in acne. Researches and studies have shown that there are several foods that cause acne indirectly through stimulating the hormones. A lot of people have attempted to research foods that cause acne but they didn’t succeed because every individual shows different tendencies for different food products and thus what is true for one person may not be true for others. However, the researchers have found out a few common foods that cause acne.

There is an uncertainty in mind when one tries to relate the foods that cause acne. Some food products may trigger acne because they are rich in sugar amounts and sugar is the major cause of acne. Dairy products like cheese, butter, and other dairy products are good conductors of acne. These foods are the main cause of acne because they increase the hormone levels in the body and the greater the hormone level, the higher the chance of getting acne. Hormones stimulate oil and sebum secretion and thus can prove to be irritating for the skin triggering acne and other related stuff. These increased oil secretions together with an increased level of keratin protein can clog skin pores resulting in acne. Moreover, oil and other hormones can trap bacteria on the skin leading to acne. Foods that cause acne are also rich in toxins and thus cause faster acne formation and damage the skin.

Particular foods that cause acne are listed below. These foods help form of acne through excessive oil and sebum secretion. Some of the foods that cause acne are:


Caffeine is one of the primary and well known reasons of individuals suffering from acne. Caffeine helps in the secretion of hormones, which in turn secretes more and more oil resulting in excess acne. Thus having too much caffeine rich content like coffee, tea, sodas, and others can trigger acne.

Refined Carbohydrates and Sugar

Foods which contain refined sugar are to be avoided. Foods like bread, flour, and other sugar substances should be avoided or taken in a smaller amount to avoid acne. Removal of the consumption of these foods helps to prevent surges in insulin and in turn, increased hormone levels in the body.


Meat is also included in foods that cause acne as meat requires people with good digestion capability or else the undigested part would become obsolete and act in revitalizing the higher secretion of hormones which in turn result in acne.

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