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Fixing Your New Partner’s Bad Kissing

As wonderful as sex is, there’s nothing quite like a kiss. It can communicate passion and emotion like nothing else. And for most people, it’s a very important part of their physical relationship.

At least it is when your partner does it well. Since no one writes “great person, terrible kisser” on their internet dating profile, kissing ability is kind of a wait and see thing. Some of the best looking guys I’ve dated have been, to put it mildly, horrible kissers!

The good news is that bad kissing can be fixed! Like a lot of things in life, some people have just never learned how to do it right. If the guy or gal you’re dating hasn’t quite got the right lip-lock technique, there’s no need to dump and run. Keep reading for some fix up tips.

What They’re Doing Wrong

Most bad kissers make the same mistakes. The most common by far is too much tongue. Blame the movies they’ve watched or the friends they’ve talked to. Kissing someone like this is doing battle with your tongues; full force. But let’s face it; having someone stick their tongue down your throat is never sexy.

How to Fix it

Provided you never want to date this person again, feel free to tell them their technique sucks (pun intended!). Otherwise you’re best to avoid mentioning it altogether. Why? Because no matter how nicely and gently to tell them, they’re going to be embarrassed in a big way. You’re going to have to take the lead on this, without ever uttering a word.

The first thing you need to do is get them interested in the kiss itself. When it’s clear they’re into it, pull back a bit and make them slow down. Don’t make them feel rejected, just slow the pace of the kiss to help you introduce some new fundamentals.

Put away your light saber, Luke! If the person you’re kissing really seems to want to engage in a tongue-battle, you’ve got to be the first one to disengage your tongue. Instead, begin to focus on the lips, changing the pace and style of the kiss.

Once you’ve more or less called a truce in the battle of the tongues, you can start to show your partner more kissing options and elements. Try alternating top and bottom lips, or sucking the bottom lip lightly. Use different parts of the mouth to kiss: lips, tongue, teeth. If there’s any hope for him or her at all, your date will enjoy the new sensations of your kiss. Hopefully, seeing a little kissing creativity will light a bulb in your date’s head, and he or she will start to experiment as well.

When your partner is into the swing of trying these new techniques, fall back and let them take control. Given a bit of time, they should discover the pleasure that comes from these new techniques and confidence in their new kissing ability. All without knowing that you had a hand in it (so to speak).

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