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Fix Your Teeth to Fix Your Health

Cosmetic dentistry is usually associated with prettier smiles, but it is also important for improving health. With modern technologies, dentists are providing far more than simple fillings or dentures. They are performing entire makeovers. But those transformations can mean better health, with properly aligned teeth.

Modern cosmetic dentistry has gotten more sophisticated. Tooth whitening, now common, was once considered avant garde. Implants were once unheard of. Now, anyone can have teeth and a beautiful smile to look and feel better. Sometimes, just a small cosmetic fix can help things as big as spinal alignment. Cosmetic dentistry and general health are more connected than many people realize. Fixing an aesthetic problem can often mean fixing a functional problem with the mouth and teeth.

There are several cosmetic procedures available, some more invasive than others. A consultation with a cosmetic dentist can help you decide what is right for you. Sometimes the smallest cosmetic fix can make a huge difference in how you look and feel. Other times extensive work is necessary to achieve a healthy mouth with cosmetic appeal.

Tooth whitening is one of the most popular and simplest cosmetic fixes for teeth. Chemicals and/or lights are applied to lighten teeth. Old stains and discolors can be efficiently replaced with lighter, brighter colored teeth.

One of the simplest fixes is bonding for chipped or broken teeth. Materials are colored like enamel and look natural. Bonding can often not only restore teeth, but also restore a proper bite, which affects spinal alignment and head stress.

Veneers are a form of more elegant looking bonding. Made of porcelain, they have a more refined look than regular bonding. They can cover the teeth and create new shapes. Veneers last longer than other bonding.

People who suffer from missing teeth and problematic gums can get implants-permanently attached artificial teeth. Implants help people function fully and save them from long-term serious health issues.

You can consult with a local general dentist for cosmetic work. Many general dentists are also cosmetic dentists, since health and cosmetic are so connected. Choose a dentist who you feel comfortable to talk with. A dentist who is versed in the latest technology can engage you more closely in your cosmetic plan with computerized 3D processes. Some of the latest technology is in the Sacramento, Elk Grove, Greenhaven and Pocket California area. Whoever you choose, realize that cosmetic dentistry is a personal decision making process. The right dentist can transform your health and smile.

Melinda Littlefalls is a cosmetic dental expert working with Nelson Dental in Sacramento, California. For more details about a Sacramento cosmetic dentist visit the Nelson Dental online site. Melinda is an SEO consultant based with SEO company DDS Agency.