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Five Things Men Can Do To Increase Their Attraction

Winking (in a Good Way)

I used to have such mixed feelings about the wink. I thought it was cheesy, way too played out and only used by guys who thought they were the most suave and dashing thing on the block. But that’s because I’d never seen it done right. I swear.

When a man flashed me a perfectly effortless wink, coupled with a little half smile, it really packed a wallop! The attraction was unmistakable. It’s unfortunate that not a lot of men can pull this off without looking lame, but when it works, it works well!

Your fingernails

We’re not asking that men be perfectly put together every second of every day. Yes, knowing how to clean yourself up and be presentable at a work or family function is definitely required training before we will date you. But we also love it when you’re all rugged and sweaty and manly! It all depends on the occasion.

Similarly, you don’t have to have to most amazing physique either. We would prefer you not hold us to model standards so we’re not going to do that to you either. What does count, however, is being attentive to the little details of personal hygiene. A dude with a forest of nose hair, or dirty, too-long-for-a-dude fingernails is a major turn-off.

The Nose Knows

There is such a thing as too much cologne, but a subtle yet unmistakable man smell is, well, irresistible! Some women (myself included), think that the au natural scent is most alluring. It does wonders for my pheromones. If you do decide to give Mother Nature a hand, easy does it. One spritz of your favorite cologne is sufficient, or just pick a great smelling deodorant.

Laughing loud, often and with meaning

Look at the men who are surrounded by women? Notice anything they have in common? Right, they’re full of laughter. If you’re too concerned with looking cool to appreciate a good belly laugh, I hate to break it to you, but you’re lame. When women hang around with guys who let their laughter explode from time to time they’ll likely join in on the fun. Laugher is infectious; they won’t be able to help themselves.

We all know that laughing goes hand in hand with feeling good thanks to all those happy chemicals that are released when we laugh. Women will make an intuitive connection between that happy feel good feeling and the guy that provoked all that laughter.

Deal With It

While, as previously mentioned, we ladies don’t dig on a perpetually serious fellow, we also can’t stand a guy who loses it all the time. Yes, we all have our share of life stresses that come up and there is always a temptation to freak out but a man’s ability to not do that is a very sexy thing. Going nuts over trivial issues indicates serious immaturity and we’re looking for a boyfriend, not a child.

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