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Purchasing Perfume And Cologne From Department Stores

Perfume and cologne are usually what people buy for loved ones on any holiday that requires gift giving. You can find cologne and perfume in a lot of different scents and brands. Celebrities have even started making their own scents. These products can be bought from as little as one dollar to as high as two thousand dollars or more. The price depends on the brand and the bottle size.

You can buy little vials of different perfumes so you can try many different scents. This is a great way to determine which scent you like best without spending a lot of money. You can smell the perfume or the cologne in the bottle but that does help as well as buying the small vials because your body chemistry makes perfume or cologne smell different on different people.

If you buy a lot of different scents in small vials then you get a chance to try them all before choosing one you like the most. Once you find one you really like then you can go out and buy the big bottle of it. This is much cheaper than buying several large bottles of perfume or cologne that you will never use.

If there is a new scent that has recently come out that you have been wanting to try you can either buy a little vial of it or go to a department store that sales it because they will usually have a sample bottle for you to try it. There are even some department stores that actually have employees that will spray you with cologne and perfume if you want them to.

Be sure you get the scent on your skin so you know how it will smell on you. If it just gets on your clothing then you really can’t tell what it will smell like on you. You can find a lot of samples in magazines. The samples are usually only good for one use but you can decide if you want to buy it or not by using the sample.

It is hard to buy cologne and perfume for others because you do not always know what scent and brand they like. If it is someone you know well you might know what kind of perfume or cologne they like to wear or maybe you have heard them talk about a brand they have been wanting. If you are buying for someone you don’t know very well you can try to find a scent similar to the one they wear.

If this does not help then you can just buy a scent that you like and keep the receipt in case they do not like it. Usually during gift giving holidays department stores have perfume and cologne gift sets that come with little bottles and big bottles of a specific scent and it comes with lotion or sometimes shower gel.

The gift sets are really good deals because the cost is usually the same or even a little cheaper than the normal bottle by it’s self. You are getting the perfume plus other things that all have the same smell. You can shop online for the scents you are looking for and usually find a great deal.

The purchase of perfume as a personal memento shows that you care for the recipient. The choice of cologne can brighten your day or evoke a romantic aura.

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