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Finding A Good St Louis Tattoo Removal Specialist

St Louis tattoo removal is available by some great specialists with procedures that are more effective and less painful than older methods. Many young people get tattoos and then later in life, decide that the tattoo is not such a good idea and wish it would just go away. Now specialists can use a Q-switched medical laser to get rid of the tattoo or at least make it lighter.

There are a number of professionals in the St. Louis area that use the latest technology for tattoo removal. The process will leave very little, if any, scaring compared to different tattoo removal systems. Research the different specialists in St. Louis to find one that is using the latest technology and is certified in tattoo removal.

Most tattoos are very unique and the removal process will be unique for the removal of it. Wanting a tattoo partially removed, totally removed or just lighten, the specialist will design a treatment plan just for you.

Beside laser removal, there are some other options available. Those options include but not limited to dermabrasion or sanding, chemical peels, and surgical excision. The better option would be the medical laser as they are safer and non-invasive. They also are less painful and are less likely to permanently damage the skin and cause scarring.

Laser treatments use an intense, pulsed light beam with different wavelengths that breaks up the ink. The pin point accuracy of the laser allows the specialist to focus the beam just on the ink leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. When the ink breaks into tiny particles, it is absorbed into the body’s natural process of cleansing. It takes a few weeks for this process to be complete and the results to be visible. To fully remove a tattoo several treatments will be needed depending on the ink, and size of the tattoo.

Some discoloration of the skin and swelling is normal after treatment. Putting ice on the area will help the swelling and in time the discoloration will disappear. It also helps to put a topical ointment on the area to prevent infection, if there is broken skin, and to reduce itching as the area heals.

St Louis tattoo removal is offered by many specialists in the area. Going on line to find one and talking to others that have had it done, is a good way to fine a reliable clinic. A good way to look is on the internet, as a lot of dermatologists will have a web site. These sites are great ways to gather information.

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