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Chose The Perfect Thong For You

Find all the different varieties of sexy thongs that are popular and commonly offered in the marketplace. Thongs can either be worn as a panty or swimsuit. These thongs not just look wonderful but also make the wearer feel good and special. Read more about the sexy G-string, V-String, T-string, Cheeky Thong, Rio Thong, and the Tanga Thong.

Wearing a spectacular thong, will end up making you feel very special, even when you will be the only one to actually see it. A thong is a garment that is primarily used as an underwear or as a swimsuit by both women and men. The backside of the garment consist of a tiny strip of material as well as a thin waistband that connects with the front of the garment. It is designed to have the it, sit in between the wearers buttocks. They are offered in a number of different hot styles and designs. A few different varieties of thong include the G-string, V-string, Rio Thong, Tanga Thong, Cheeky Thong, and the T-string.

G-string: This kind of thong is also referred to as the T-back thong. It is made of only a string made from elastic. It covers the sex organs, passing between the buttocks, fastened around the hips of the person who wears it, used as a swimming wear or underwear by women and men. The two terms G-string and thong are used interchangeably commonly, but can refer to two distinct bits of clothing.

V-string: This thong is also called the V shape thong. It is primarily used in a one piece swimsuit, joining up the back. It’s slightly different from the G-string, as it provides more coverage when compared to the G-string.

Rio Thong: This kind of thong is also known as the starter thong. If you’re a beginner and have no idea what kind of thong you should be wearing, then you ought to look at the Rio thong. It looks like a high cut bikini and makes a nice middle garment.

Tanga Thong: This thong is fairly like the G-string. The front part is covered, at the back; the fabric is a higher cut, twisting upward a few inches above the buttocks.

T-string: This thong is one of the most destructive kinds of thong. It is just a string that goes down horizontally around the body at the hips. There is a triangle in the front, which covers the genitals with a string running from beneath the buttocks and up towards the waistband around the hip area. Basically, we’re talking about less coverage here, as there’s no cloth whatsoever in the back area.

Cheeky Thong: This is a more conservative design of thong that covers a bit more of the body. The thong exposes the lower part of the butt but covers the upper part. These are commonly used as bikini bottoms.

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