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Find Out How Getting Whiter Teeth Is Easy With A Morganville Dentist In Your Area

The popular expression La Dolce Vita has been commonly used to describe a life of indulgent pleasures and decadence. Superior cuisine, the best wines, the heady delights of the after dinner cigar, these things may all be pleasurable, but they take a toll on the appearance of our teeth. They may lose their brightness, but this can easily be corrected by a Morganville dentist.

The art of tooth whitening has been the champion of cosmetic dentistry for decades. Our smile is often our best feature, but if we suffer with stained or discoloured teeth it can affect our confidence and our looks. There are many factors that can influence the appearance of our teeth.

In other cases minerals in our drinking water are responsible for discolouration. If we suffer from poor health, occasionally the medicine we are prescribed can affect our teeth. Tetracycline is known to stain tooth enamel. For some of us, normal everyday use weakens our teeth.

For others fluorosis during development is responsible. This is an intake of too much fluorine while we are still growing and it creates mottling and discolouration. You no longer have to live with unsightly stained teeth when a simple visit to the dentist is all it takes to restore your smile.

He can advise you on the best procedure to whiten and brighten your teeth, giving you a confident smile again. Depending on the severity of the staining of your tooth enamel, he may recommend an in office tooth whitening procedure which will last for about ninety minutes.

This is the most effective method of achieving a bright smile. Continuous bleaching might be suggested and in such a case you will receive a bleaching tray which you should wear at home, for an hour or two each day. This process should be continued for two to four weeks for best results. Follow up whitening sessions may be necessary over the coming years.

Your local Morganville dentist has the expertise and tools to make your smile whiter and brighter. Find out more information about how to clean and maintain your teeth by visiting .