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Fighting Acne Naturally

Acne is generally due to hormones increase, increase of sebum, fat in the body and acne germs on your skin.

SIMPLIFYING ACNE medication Although it is advisable to go to the dermatological doctor or the doctor first before doing anything to sure acne, there are some safe and effective home treatments for acne that can be done without major consultations with the experts.

– Vitamin treatment. One of the safest homemade treatments for acne is treatment through vitamins like niacin, vitamin A, and Vitamin E. For good results, the patient is advised to take at least 100 milligrams ( mg ) of niacin, fifty thousand international units of vitamin A 3 times a day and four hundred mg of vitamin E once daily for at least one month.

– Zinc treatments are also very effective. They are available in tablet and capsule forms and available at any good pharmacy.

– Orange peel is just one of the natural acne treatment available. Buy some oranges, peel them then apply the peel where your acne is.

– The lemon cure. This is perhaps one of the most simple remedies you can do at home to heal your acne. By removing the lemon fruit’s juice and applying it regularly on the skin, you can terminate persistence zits that can cause acne.

– Garlic therapy. Contrary to common conception, the use of garlic is indeed one of the best methods to treat acne. By rubbing raw garlic on the areas affected several times a day, you can do a more clear and spotless skin. And by taking at least three seeds of raw garlic every day at least a month, you can clear your blood stream and cleanse it to keep acne-causing germs out.

– Coriander and mint juice remedy. Another known effective home cure for acne is the applying of coriander juice or mint and turmeric powder mixture on the face. Ensure that you clean your face thoroughly before applying it at night.

– The fenugreek paste treatment. Aside from using its seed to make curry powder, fenugreek through its leave scan be a helpful remedy for acne. You can use its leaves to make a paste, you can make a face mask that can be applied at night to prevent zits and blackheads.

– The cucumber cure. Rasped cucumber is regarded as . By just adding cucumber on to face, eyes, and neck for 15 to twenty minutes, you can eliminate determined blackhead and pimples.

– Fruit based diet. Try to eat as many fruits and plant as possible and keep away from fat foods.

Other home made natural acne treatments are available and you’ll find much more information by clicking the links below.

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