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Fear Of Getting Wrinkles – Think Ahead

Everyone – men and women alike – start worrying early on about the appearance of that first wrinkle. For some, the fear of getting wrinkles can take over their lives. For others, they tend to do everything they can to prevent them from happening. Whatever the reason, it’s a fear that you don’t need. After all, even the fear of getting wrinkled skin could accelerate it’s appearance.

Once wrinkles start appearing it is almost impossible to get rid of them. The real trick is to make certain you take care of your skin ‘ all over. Some families tend to get wrinkles early because it’s in their genes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to care for your skin thinking that wrinkles are inevitable. That means you spend more time caring for your skin!

Since most wrinkles are caused by sun damage, the use of a good quality sun screen early on in life is mandatory ‘ no matter where you live. Don’t think that only people in tropical climates with warm weather year round need to worry about sun screen. Scandinavian beauties still need to slather on the SPF lotions as well. Heat has little to do with what how the sun’s rays can affect your skin.

Anyone who was ever taken to the beach on a regular basis as a child, without the benefit of sunscreen, runs the risk of experiencing serious skin problems later on in life. Wrinkles, cancer, warts, bumps, brown spots ‘ these are attributable to early sun damage that remains dormant for sometimes decades.

Even smokers who tend to stay out of the sun are prone to some pretty bad wrinkles. Cigarettes will rob the body of necessary oxygen, thereby dehydrating the skin and causing deep wrinkles and dry patches. Aside from maybe some expensive plastic surgery, there’s nothing that can be done at that point.

Smokers who sit in the sun can expect even more wrinkles and more problems.

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