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EBay’s New Fashion Microsite And Youtube Fashion Hauling

In honor of YouTube’s 5th-year anniversary, I would like to discuss a YouTube fashion phenomenon that’s becoming super-popular among young fashion gurus all over the web- Fashion Hauling. By definition, a fashion haul is just the process of going shopping and coming back home to show everybody your purchase by creating a video on YouTube. Accept it or not, this is a genuine trend that basically has been getting a large amount of buzz in the fashion industry and the media. I need to admit, my inital reaction to this craze was not quite favorable; to me, it sounded like an excuse for a girl to brag about her trip to the mall.

While most fashion hauls on YouTube are done as a past-time, some women have been quite successful. I am amazed to see that some of the fashion haul videos on YouTube have over six hundred thousand clicks, and these girls really have a huge following thru social media.

These YouTube style experts have, in a way, become a fashion icon of their own ; they’re becoming trusted and influential fashion masters to ladies all across the globe. The way forward for fashion hauling looks upbeat ; with the power of the web, brands are now starting to snatch YouTube web sensations and real-life success stories to represent and recommend their products.

Another noteworthy fashion update, eBay just launched its spankin’-new fashion microsite, and is in the midst of working with some of the designers we like. eBay’s fashion microsite debuted its “Fashion Vault”, which features short term designer online sales with costs extremely discounted available completely to eBay members. I’ve got a feeling eBay is modeling their Fashion Vault based totally on the success of plenty of the familiar and big-time online sample sale joints like Gilt, Rue La La, ideeli, and HauteLook.

An alternative way eBay is bringing us designer steals is thru the advent of an internet outlet mall that plans to enroll favored shops, included newly-added Aldo and Lord & Taylor. Outlets will use eBay’s online outlet mall as a way to sell excess products and offer thirty percent fifty percent savings.

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