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Facts About Clothes From Organic Materials

For many of us it’s hard to tie in natural and organic clothing and fashion. But that’s the old way of thinking. It has all changed recently/

Investing in organic wear is a thoughtful declaration as well as a robust use of your buyer voice. Natural and organic clothing also means that you aid innovative agriculture that uses less pesticides. Less pollution is what you get with nice t-shirts and dresses.

Don’t look down on the ethical aspect of buying such clothes. Always look for certified clothes fair trade clothes and it will guarantee that you don’t pay to sweat shop owners.

Organic agriculture movement is at the foundation of organic clothing which is natural and non synthetic. Ornaic agriculture movement is about working together with nature, minimizing any kind of pollution. Materials for organic clothing come from plants that have not been irradiated or subject to heavy use of pesticides. USDA sets certain standards for all kinds of organic products, an d labels them as such.

Look at several advantages of organic materials:

No use of synthetics

Chemical residues are excluded from entering the environment accidentally

People are not exposed to chemicals;

Recylcling becomes free of chemicals as well;

Regulations regarding non toxic production, processing and dyeing must be met by fabrics like wool, cotton and silk before that are labeled as organic. Organic certification on labels is very important to look for. Sustainable fabrics are produced without federal guidelines and certification.

Among other organic fabrics stands out natural cotton. The year 2006 has seen the biggest growth in cotton demand in history. It constitutied over 200% in just 18 months. Hygiene products, towels, and diapers can all be made out of organic cotton.

Organic silk, wool and hemp take 2,3 and 4th place. With no pesticides and little water required, hemp is a great natural product with strong fibers. Another adavantage is that farmers can grow it year after a year. Hemp can be used in a variety of products like paper, skincare, and, of course, clothing. Hemp fibers are often mixed with silk and cotton to give them more softness.

Natural organic fabrics will almost always require special care. Always read cleaning instruction if you are not sure about the best way to wash the garment. Dry cleaning and hand-washing are usually the best ways to clean organic clothes. Eco-conscious cleaners may wish to use phosphate-free and biodegradable detergents and air-dry clothing to reduce energy consumption.

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