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Eye Masks – Get Your Beauty Sleep

Did you know that over 64 million Americans say that they have some form of sleeping problem or another? If you don’t have trouble sleeping at home but have problems sleeping while traveling you might also need some help. Believe it or not, many experts say that using a gel eye mask can make all the difference to many different types of sleep problems. They can be especially helpful if you need to sleep during the daytime or if there are bright lights around your bedroom to create the illusion of darkness and help your brain naturally produce the melatonin it needs to induce the process of sleep.

You need darkness in order for your natural sleep cycle to occur. Your eyes contain special receptors that tell your brain when the light levels begin to fall. These signals cause your brain to convert serotonin, a chemical which helps you to stay alert, into melatonin, the chemical that allows you to relax and fall asleep.

When a person doesn’t get sufficient REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep – the deep sleep that rejuvenates us – every aspect of their life can be affected. Regular sleep patterns help a person have more energy, think more clearly and be more relaxed, and can also boost the immune system.

On July 29, 2002, the UC San Diego Medical Center posted a news release that stated the discovery of the affects that sleep deprivation had on the brain directly due to the essential electrical and chemical activity patterns that need to happen during sleep in order for the brain to be able to function properly when awake.

You need to sleep well at night in order to be able to be at your best the next day. In addition to sleeping, eye masks create a dark and calming environment that the wearer might find useful when meditating or during visualization exercises.

There are a lot of different sleep masks on the market, so you will need to seek out the style that is most comfortable for you. The mask must be comfortable enough to help you relax and allow your body to enjoy the effects of the increased melatonin so you can actually go to sleep.

Sleep masks or eye masks aren’t hard to find – most retail stores and many online stores keep them in stock. One example of a popular model is the Snoozers Sleep Mask. Just be sure you check all the available options before you make your final decision on a sleep mask or eye mask.

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