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Enthusiasts Will Enjoy Making Your Design In Patchwork

Many people, men and women, will enjoy making your design in patchwork as it is their hobby. Some share their work at the various fairs in their area and can win prizes for their labor. Different techniques are available for each hobbyist to choose from. The most common technique for patchwork is the geometric patterns that are repeated to make the design in fabric to form a quilt or a piece of clothing with the quilted look.

The blocks made from this technique is done by cutting fabric into various geometric shapes and sewing them together to make the different patterns. There are many designs to choose from when putting the pieces together. A couple of the most common are the Log Cabin and the Nine Patch. When the pieces of fabric are sewn together, they end up looking like their names. One way they are differentiated from others is the colors that are used.

Having the pieces cut from the same shade would make it look different than if it were made out of various shades of blue, such as going from dark blue to light blue. Different colors also could make it unlike other pieces by going from dark to light for the effect.

One technique some quilters use is strip sewing. They sew the blocks in strips and then sew the strips together. For many of the patterns this is more efficient than sewing it block by block and then sewing the blocks together. However not all patterns will work for the strip sewing method.

Another style is the Crazy Quilt, which is typically done by someone with cherished memories in several pieces of clothing. A daughter that wore a silk dress for the elementary school play, wore lace for her Christening, and maybe jeans for the baseball tournament, all these outfits would be used for a Crazy Quilt. There would be no rhyme or reason to the way it was laid out, hence getting the name Crazy Quilt.

Traditionally patchwork was done by hand. Women would spend hours working over their pieces, sewing them together one by one. Today we have sewing machines and shortcuts to make the finished product quicker. But not everyone goes that route. There are still some women today that will sit down with their needle and thread and piece together a masterpiece of color after hours and hours of labor.

Whether you use the newer techniques and shortcuts with the sewing machine or you do sew every painstaking stitch by hand, the time will be enjoyed. Your finished project whether quilt or clothing will be appreciated by all for the time you spent when you designed your pattern in patchwork.

The author is an expert in patchwork and quilts. He enjoys teaching his hobby. He has over ten years of experience in haberdashery field. His expertise in merceria and tiendas patchwork has provided a very good resources to apprentices.