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Edinburgh Airport Auto Parking Has Short Term Parking

There are several options for Edinburgh Airport Car Parking, and I hope this helps you find the parking you need. The intent is to save you the time from having to research it yourself, and knowing the secure places to park.

Let’s start with the Fast Trek Parking. This is an outdoor, self park lot. You must stay 150 consecutive days. They do offer a shuttle to the airport as the parking is not close enough to walk. If you look on line you should be able to find a coupon to help with the cost.

They actually have Cheap parking. If you go online and follow the instructions they will tell you what to do. The dates will be needed with the length of your stay, and then you will receive information on what to do next.

They offer a short stay parking for a few hours, or if you are going on a short trip you can park there. It is not very far to the terminal, and it is a safe area.

Let me tell you about the Pickup 2. It has a 2 hour maximum. This is a really short time but it has its own exit and entrance. This parking area is easy to get to and fast. The walk to the terminal is an easy one. The area is safe.

Another great way to park is the short stay. Get online and book a space. You can pre-book it so you are sure to have a place to park.

Lastly we have the Blue Badge. With this badge, you get 15 minutes of free access. Basically just drop off someone or run into the airport to find someone. Do not stay too long-that 15 minutes runs out fast.

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