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Easy-go Enzyme Sliming Lemon 10’sachet (london, Price: £25)

Eating foods high in protein fats sodium and sugars will make us fat. easy-go was invented by a group of well-known and respected Taiwanese nutritionists and is one of the best known complete enzyme- supplement drinks. easy-go is rich in Papaya and pineapple enzymes to break down proteins quickly to avoid excess protein turning to fat. Sod enzymes to counter free radicals reduce skin damage and revitalize new skin cells. Lactobacillus sporogenesis to prevent the formation of harmful bacteria and toxins. To create the enzymes found in easy-go we ferment 102 types of fruits and vegetables for 540 days easy-go also contains dietary fibre to help clean our system and prevent toxins from entering the blood stream. easy go is great for anyone who cares about personal health inner beauty and vitality. easy-go The perfect drink for that daily enzyme boost. Just enjoy the benefits of vegetables and good health by simply mixing it in water or juice. A pack of easy-go after every meal up to 3 packs a day.