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Early Watches

As with many fashion trends in times gone by, the wristwatch was initially made trendy by royalty — particularly Queen Elizabeth I who was given one in the latter 1500s. The first widely worn watches were designed solely for girls and called wristlets.

Men of the late 19th century and early 20 th century still kept track of time by employing a pocket watch often on a chain. They considered the wristlet a fashion trend that would, like every other trend, appear and disappear, and the watch would at this point never be considered by men as anything except a female bauble for ladies. The wrist-watch as a convenient way to keep time for men actually started as a wartime condition. The English army in their battle with S. A. in the wild pig War in the early 1900s strapped pocket watches to their wrist so that they could hold their weapons at the same time.

The first wrist-watches for men were promoted to the regiment for men going into active service. Many of these influential men found the benefit of not fishing in a pocket for their watch essential even after returning from the field. The flexible band pieces that attached to the open-faced watch made it straightforward to mend a leather strap, which kept the watch safely attached to the wrist.

Now wrist-watches were standard army issue for the associated troops of World War I. In 1915, The Rolex Watch Company, previously known as Wilsdorf & Davis, was set up. Rolex was recognized as a frontrunner in this research and received the first wrist-watch Chronometer award given out by the high-school of Horology in Bienne.

In the mid-1920s, following the war, men started to associate watches with the brave heroes who fought and no longer viewed them as for girls. Rolex grabbed on to this new image and continued thru the 1950s to market watches particularly targeting their attempts to attracting men. Masculine-style watches were invented to be worn by men in varied fields of work, and today are as commonly found in non-military environments as they are in the armed forces.

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