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Dreams Of Friends

I received a dream from a young ambitious woman named Suzy. When describing the dream to me, she felt the dream was about her and because of the content of the dream she was very alarmed. After hearing the interpretation of the dream, she was pleasantly astonished to find out that the dream was not about her at all, but directed for a close friend she had known for many years.

The dream opens at night and Suzy is outside her friend’s house standing on the lawn looking at the front door. After a moment, she slowly climbs the steps, crosses the wooden porch and enters the house. Upon entering the dimly lit house, Suzy’s friend meets her and they walk down a hallway into her friend’s bathroom. When inside the bathroom, Suzy asks her friend how her mother was doing and her friend tells her that her mother was dead; she had committed suicide in the bathroom they were standing in.

Hearing this, Suzy looks around the bathroom for some sign of a suicide, but quickly noticed that the bathroom was very clean with no visible signs of blood, absolutely no trace that anyone had committed suicide. Her friend seeing what she was doing quickly spoke out and said that she had cleaned the bathroom up and removed all signs of her mother’s death.

At this point in the dream, the bathroom quickly changed from the bathroom in her friend’s house to Suzy’s own bathroom. Yet, even through this sudden transition, Suzy said, she had the feeling that she and her friend were still standing in her friend’s bathroom. The only difference between the two bathrooms was that the bathroom where they now stood was painted a bright white and the bathroom door was opened against the wall, hiding the inside surface of the bathroom door.

Suzy’s friend walked over, closed the bathroom door which now revealed a blood-stained door. Not responding to the blood covering the inside of the door, Suzy’s friend picked up a white towel, walked over and joined her in the middle of the bathroom. Uneasy seeing the blood, Suzy stood in the center of the room and simply continued to stare at the bloody surface of the door.

Silently standing next to each other. Suzy friend finally turns to says, “I’m going to wipe the blood off.” Then quietly taking the towel she starts to wipe the blood off the door, as Suzy watches. Yet, try as she may she cannot remove the blood, but only is able to smear on the surface of the door. Confused, Suzy continues to watch her friend try to wipe the blood off the door, but suddenly wakes up out of the dream.

The Interpretation Of The Dream Using Each Key Word: Night/Darkness represents uncertainty, fear and the unknown for Suzy in regard for her friend. Outside the House represents freedom, escape, refuge and safety. Suzy standing on the lawn of the front yard represents her willingness to help her friend. Old House represents memories, family members and old friendships. Old house also represents the mending of old problems and disputes. To see an Old house in a dream also represents sickness, failing health, and even the death of someone dear to the dreamer or someone the dreamer knows, especially if the old house is run-down or in need of repair.

Steps and Wooden Porch, In Suzy’s dream, the house has steps and a wooden porch, so it is evident that the house is old and therefore represents an old friend, habit, fleshly urges or temptation. The house also represented an old friend, who is in spiritual and emotional distress. On the outside of the house are several steps leading up to a wooden porch and the front door.

After standing outside the house for a few moments, Suzy climbs the steps, walks across the porch, opens the front door and enters her friend’s home. The Steps Leading Up To the Porch represent insight, understanding, revelation, decision, and the answer to a situation or problem that seems to have no answer. Steps also represent change and a new beginning. In Suzy’s dream, the steps represent a decision that will lead to a fresh start and a new beginning for her friend.

The Porch, especially an open, unenclosed front porch represents the revealing of hidden secrets that are suddenly put on display for all to see. Closed Front Door represents a problem or obstacle in the natural preventing the dreamer from achieving a goal or completing a project. It also represents a dead-end job, broken marriage, relationship or a serious illness. A closed door also represents secrets, lies, idolatry, fear, treasure, private matters and the unknown. In Suzy’s dream, the closed door represents a secret lifestyle that is driving her friend to emotional and spiritual disaster.

Dimly-lit represents hope, revelation and the answer to a problem, situation or a spiritual or emotional concern in your life. In some dreams, light, even the light of a candle also represents a messenger. In Suzy’s dream, the dimly-lit home represented deep-rooted spiritual and emotional problems in her friend’s life, and it was for this reason that she was brought there to encourage and be a messenger of hope and help.

Walk / Hallway To walk slowly or stagger down a narrow place, such as the hallway in Suzy’s dream represents fear, doubt, remorse, disorder, the unknown and confusion. To walk in a humble or lowly way represents depression, persecution and bondage. To have difficulty walking in a dream represents trials and emotional or physical problems.

In Suzy’s dream, even though they both walked down the hallway together, Suzy followed behind her friend as she slowly walked down the hallway and into the bathroom. In Suzy’s dream, walking and hallway represent fear, doubt, remorse, insecurity, disorder, confusion, depression, persecution, the unknown and bondage because of something that had entered or re-entered her life.

The Bathroom represents escape, refuge, repentance, prayer, admission and creativity. Bathroom also represents surrender, lust, sexual desires, guilt, secrets, deception and betrayal. In Suzy’s dream, the bathroom is a refuge, a place of escape to think and ponder in her guilt because of her sexual desires and the secret sexual affair in which she is involved.

Death / Dead / Suicide represents failure, to give up, surrender or to escape. In some dreams, death represents a refuge. In Suzy’s dream, the suicide of her friend’s mother in the bathroom did not actually happen in the natural, but in the dream it represented her friend shedding the emotional and physical security she had known all of her life depicted in the portrayal of her mother’s suicide; and as a consequence, she was able to surrender to her own fleshly desires. This was something she could not have done as long as she thought of her mother as being alive.

The Freshly Painted White Bathroom Walls/ Blood/Clean/White Towel and Smeared Blood In Suzy’s dream represents the covering up of her friend’s secret, hidden lifestyle and regaining the memory of how her life used to be. The blood-stained bathroom door represents the guilt she feels for the lifestyle she is now leading; and her efforts to clean the blood off the inside of the bathroom door with the thick white towel, merely smearing the blood over the surface of the door represents her inability through her own strength and will power to change her lifestyle, end the affair, lessen her guilty feelings and get her life back to normal.

Suzy’s friend’s mother in the dream represented the guilt the friend felt that her mother knew about her daughter’s secret. Suicide symbolism represented release from feeling guilty to the eyes of her mother.

Outcome Of The Dream:

Unlike many of the other dreams of this nature I have heard, this dream had a happy ending. After Suzy had the dream, she went to her friend’s home and told her of the dream. Her friend burst into tears, and confessed the affair she was having with a married man and her futile efforts to try to end it. Through Suzy’s counseling and standing by her friend, the affair soon ended and her friend is once again living a normal, healthy life.

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