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Dog Clothing : Is It Cool Or Cruel?

There are many different types and applications for animal clothing. I will use dogs as an example of why people would want to clothe a pet and what use could that clothing have for an animal.

Certainly, dogs do benefit from an extra layer of protection if they are out walking (or even working) for hours at a time in very cold or wet weather. Working dogs like snffer dogs, guide dogs and sheepdogs are out and about in all weathers and as well as sometimes dangerous conditions. High visibility coats will not only keep them warm but will also keep them safe and well in view of their owners or handlers.

Guide dogs need to be identified as working dogs, so they will wear a high visibility jacket to indicate they are working when they are seen in public and to raise awareness to people around them that the person with them has an identifiable support issue.

Dog clothing is also used to support breeds of dogs that aren’t indigenous to this country. Dog breeds which might be void of fur, because their natural home may be a hot country. I am thinking of Chihuahua dogs. They are not known for their robust and ample fur; in a cold climate it would be considered reasonable to support them with a doggie jacket.

This may also be the case for dogs which live in modern houses with good central heating. When it is time for their exercise the change from a warm house to a harsh evening in November will be made easier by a snug fitting doggie jumper.

It is said that Americans spend $41 billion a year on their fury friends. This figure can be raised if it is to be looked at on a global level. Dog clothing can be used as an extension of a person’s own personality. Or a projection of owns personality on to the pet.

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