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Does Biotin Work To Restore Your Hair Growth?

If you have been researching hair loss and hair loss treatments you’ve probably come across biotin. It seems that there is a link between biotin and hair loss and even that increasing your intake of biotin can work as a hair loss treatment.

The major cause of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness. This is an inherited condition where the male sex hormone called DHT strangles the hair follicles gradually by limiting their ability to take in essential nutrients. And research shows that biotin is very important to hair health and so there may indeed be a hair loss biotin link.Let’s see.

Biotin is a vitamin. It is in fact a water-soluble B group vitamin called vitamin B 7.Biotin is manufactured in our bodies and also found in some foods and it has a role in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats into energy in the cells this translates into cell growth. Anyone who has a biotin deficiency is at risk of losing hair and eyebrows. It can have a role in the health of your hair as it affects the metabolism of oils in the scalp into scalp follicles.

So it seems logical that increasing the intake of biotin through biotin supplements may work as a baldness cure. But although it sounds good there is no clear scientific evidence that using biotin has a supplement works as a cure to male pattern baldness. However that does not mean that there is no role of biotin for hair growth.

There are already well-known hair restoration treatments on the market. The best and most well-known is a product called minoxidil which is approved by the FDA. You find minoxidil marketed under a range of different product names but it is recognized as about the best hair loss treatment available today.

Using minoxidil alone can be an effective hair loss treatment. But using minoxidil alone is not necessarily the most effective treatment. The reason lies in the causes of male pattern baldness. The reason why the hair thins in cases of male pattern baldness is because the male sex hormone called DHT attaches itself to the base of hair follicles and slowly limits the ability of those follicles to absorb essential nutrients.

Minoxidil improves the blood supply to the hair follicles allowing the them to absorb essential nutrients. However if these are not available in sufficient quantities they cannot be absorbed. The good news is that one in particular product understand this problem and tackles it from 2 different angles, providing or essential nutrients, including biotin, so that they are available to the hair and including a natural ingredient called Saw Palmetto which has been shown to reduce the effects of DHT. Once the minoxidil has blocked the operation of the DHT all the essential hair nutrients are available to the follicle to be absorbed and to enhance optimum hair health.

There is now evidence that this approach produces the Best Hair Loss Treatment.

So unfortunately the research does not show that biotin supplementation on its own improves hair growth but one product uses biotin in conjunction with other important hair nutrients and minoxidil to produce a complete baldness treatment. It seems that combining biotin with hair nutrients and minoxidil is an effective hair restoration treatment and more effective than using minoxidil on its own.

I hope that’s enlightened you more about the Biotin Hair Loss link.

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