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Do You Stop Smoking With The Use Of E-Cigarettes?

The introduction of stop smoking products such as nicotine patches and gums were met with instant acceptance by consumers anxious to quit smoking. A prescription was required which raised the cost of the products to include a doctor’s visit but after a few years of safe use the smoking cessation products were allowed to be sold over the counter without prescription.

These products work by providing a source of nicotine that is meant to slake the cravings of the smoker. Gradually over a period of ten or more weeks the level of nicotine is reduced until the smoker no longer needs the stop smoking products at all.

The ten week program recommended to user of the nicotine patch begins with six weeks at maximum dosage (21 mg). Following that the user reduces his usage to a 14 mg patch for two weeks and then to the lowest level (7 mg) for the final two weeks of the stop smoking program. Because the patch can cause sleep disturbances in some people not everyone can wear that patch the full 24 hrs as recommended.

A two pack a day smokers spends at least $70 per week on his habit. The total cost of using nicotine patches for 10 weeks would be a little more than $200 which is far cheaper than the current cost of tobacco cigarettes. A drawback for patches is that not all smokers can tolerate the patch. Diabetics are warned not to use nicotine replacement products which eliminates 8% of the U.S. population from using this product

Another option for those who wish to stop smoking are nicotine gums. Nicotine is delivered to the body through the tissues of the mouth by a type of chewing gum. The individually foil wrapped pieces of gum contain 2 or 4 mg of nicotine which is comparable to the amount in one or two standard smokes.

To extract the nicotine the user chews the gum until soft and then parks the gum between his cheek and gums. As the gum is softened by chewing a tingling begins in the mouth. This indicates release of nicotine and will continue for several minutes. As needed, the gum is chewed a few more time to reactivate the tingling sensation and then again parked between the cheek and the gum of your mouth. One piece of nicotine gum will be good for about 30 minutes before the nicotine is totally used.

There can be unpleasant side effects for user of nicotine gum. Used excessively, they may cause the throat muscles to feel constricted and cause hiccups. The muscle discomfort is thought to be a result of high amounts of nicotine swallowed with saliva. Nicotine naturally restricts blood vessels and overuse of these gums over time may lead to gum disease.

Used in the first trimester of pregnancy, nicotine replacement products have been links with increased risk of birth defects and neither gum nor patches should be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers.

Medication provided by prescription are most often antidepressants meant to ease the smokers craving for nicotine and provide calm to reduce withdrawal pangs. The pill are popular with the public but new concerns about side effects have recently surfaced. Stop smoking pills are prescribed for a specific period of time – usually two months – and should be taken under a doctor’s supervision.

When you buy e-cigarette (s) you are a smoker who is not interested in quitting but looking for a better smoking alternative. E-cigarettes are not meant to help you stop smoking but to allow smokers to continue their habit in an environmentally friendly and healthy way. E-cigs cannot be compared to nicotine replacement products like patches and gums.

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