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Discovering A Great Find In SWAK Designs Plus Sizes

For the full figured woman looking for designer clothing the list is short. But we discovered a site that will make the plus sized woman happy. This exclusive line is found online at SWAK Designs plus sizes.

This line can be found at some affiliates but is mostly sold online at their website. They also sell wholesale through different programs. They do not however offer drop shipping at this time for their wholesalers.

Sealed With A Kiss is what SWAK stands for and their clothing ranges in sizes from 14 to 32. Some pieces have extended sizing as well. The lines seem to be appealing to the buyers of this line and compliment a full figured woman. One their site with each garment is given a sizing chart with exact measurement of the garment giving full satisfaction to fit when ordering.

The SWAK website has categories of their clothing along with suggestions for looks. They have basics but do not have undergarments. They carry dresses, shirts, pants and coats as well. They offer clearance items in limited sizing as available at considerable discounts.

The site will not only give a shopper the clothing that is in current fashion but they will give suggestions on how to wear the clothing as well. Within each article listing is a suggestion list for pieces that would coordinate well with it. This gives the shopper added ideas on how to wear the garment for the best fashion look that meets current trends.

For example, if you want to purchase an everyday fashionable blouse to wear either to work or day wear they have this option. When you click on the piece you will find a description of the garment and next to it you will see suggestions of what pants would go well with the shirt and perhaps the type of shoes and accessories. This gives the user an idea of what would work with the garment.

There are also SWAK accessories available on their website. The pieces are made to accessorize their clothing line. Scarves, necklaces and other jewelry items are available for purchase. There are also many purses you can find that are coordinated to accessorize the clothing sold on their site.

If you are a plus sized woman and looking for fashionable clothing the SWAK Designs plus sizes can provide what you need. It is recommended that you check out this line of clothing online as those who purchased their clothing. You can find them online by searching for their label.

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