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Discover The Amazing World Of Gemstones

Gemstones are very much valued especially by women. During special occasions, jewellery made of a particular type of gemstone are the ones that will complete the elegant outfit of anyone in a significant gathering. What makes a piece of jewelry much more interesting is the fascinating information behind every gemstone that comes with a piece of jewelry.

Gemstones are also called gems. A gem is also sometimes referred to as either precious or semi-precious stones. The Earth naturally produces minerals which are handled with proper treatment to make them refined before giving them the specific cut before a perfect gem comes to picture.

The true worth of gemstones is measured according to their features and according to the treatment procedure that took place in improving their quality. Each stone has its own chemical composition such as the carbon which is present in a diamond. The stones are also categorized according to their species and varieties such as the quartz.

Different gemstones have different color. They also vary in their cut, carat, and clarity. These things as well as the gem’s rarity are the usual basis in determining the value and price of a gem. A gem which is not commonly mined can be costly. A diamond’s price on the other hand depends on its cut.

Most of the gems are colorful enough and appear to be sparkling because of their star-like effect called asteria. It is no wonder why they look so attractive. A gem mined from the Earth needs first to undergo certain procedures before they become the gems that we see and admire in the market. Heat, radiation, waxing or oiling, and fracture filling are the procedures that need to be done.

Some of the known gemstones are listed below:


Belongs to the specie of quartz, this gem is claimed to be the stone of a royal family. Its color can sometimes be rich purple, lilac, as well as the other related shade. Moreover, amethyst is also believed to help someone overcome his or her sickness like headache and other pains as well.


Aquamarine belongs to the group of beryl and usually carries the shade of blue and green. Regarded as the birthstone of March, this stone which is mined in some part of Russia, Asia, and Africa, is often heated to improve its being color blue.


From the Latin word which means pomegranate, garnet got its name. This is because pomegranate is a bush that can bear red fruit and garnet has a beautiful red color. It is believed that it can help in the healing process of blood disorders during the ancient times.

There are still other gems and for sure, they will continue to attract a lot of people and gemologists would continue to enhance them to increase their value even more.

Wendy Racklave writes for website Lapidary Wow which has information on many gemstones like quartz and garnets.