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Different Tanning Lotion Types

There are three basic types of tanning lotions. The most common are accelerators and bronzers but for more advanced tanners who like to try new products there are also some lotions known as tingle lotions. The purpose of any type of lotion is to improve the results of the tanning sessions.

Accelerator lotions are designed for the purpose as their name suggests. It is suppose to make the wearer tan faster than they would without the accelerator. This particular lotion is good for tanning beginners because it moisturizes the skin which makes it easier for the skin to take in the ultraviolet rays.

Tingle lotions are also used to improve the speed of tanning but by increasing the blood flow to the skin. This causes the user to feel a tingle in their skin and is not for first time tanners who are not experienced with this type of lotion. It can cause skin problems such as swelling and irritation.

A bronzer is just a lotion that adds color directly onto the skin. It works like makeup in that it is simply a cover up and washes off at the end of the day. The skin is stained with a bronzer but the risk is that clothing could also becomes stained. As a complement to actual tanning the additional color helps absorb and even out the tanning result.

But a bronzer does more than just act as a temporary color cover up. It helps in the tanning process because the darker tones absorb the UV light rays to slightly speed up the tanning process on the skin. This is usually not the purpose, however, that people use bronzers but it is often included in most tanning lotions.

Each individual tans differently and that is why it is important to know what to look for when trying to pick the best tanning lotion. Consulting the people at a tanning salon will tell you a lot about what indoor tanning lotion is right the situation. After that it is a matter of trial and error until you get it right.

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