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Destroying The Image Of The School Girl Skirts

School girl skirts have varying designs that concentrate on the comfort of the wearer. There are some with pleats in the front and the back, some with pleats that go all around the skirt; some are long, going way below the knees. These skirts were designed with the school girl in mind, not for fashion and definitely not to start a fad. Unfortunately, seedy characters have made this skirt the focus of their sick minds that has not only given the skirt a bad name, but female students a bad reputation.

The designs of school girl skirts and the accompanying blouse is actually a simplified version of a postulant’s habit of a religious order. There is nothing sexy or appealing to the saggy clothing, and there are even weights that make sure that the skirts never get blown over and away. Children wearing the uniforms are now placed in the limelight of seedy films that use the uniforms as props for their sick films.

Browsing the net will reveal the thousands of pornographic sites that do not hesitate to make the school girl skirts as their main character. No wonder a lot of children in private schools no longer want to wear the uniforms as they are just defending their image.

There is a movement led by a popular star of an equally popular show on television that has caught the attention of those who have to wear the skirts. How successful the taming of the skirt’s name will be remains to be seen.

The destruction of the good name of the school girl skirt has not only destroyed the innocence of children, but the tradition of private schools which strive to teach propriety as well as ethics among other things. Should we just ban the skirt and let the sick people win, or should we fight for the rights of children who are the targets of these salacious acts?

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