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A Few Hints To Help You Design Engagement Rings

One of the most important and memorable events in your life is the day you get engaged. This makes the ring also very important.

Rather than spending all of your money on an engagement ring at your local jewelry store it might be better to create or design your own unique engagement ring at a greatly reduced price.

First of all you will need to find a wholesale diamond dealer that deals in only the highest quality GIA certified diamonds and also gives the option to design engagement rings.

Once you found such a wholesale dealer like the one I’ll mention towards the end of this article you will need to study the 4 C’s of diamonds a bit. The 4 C’s stands for color, cut, clarity and carat. The better the quality of the diamond the more valuable it is and it also affects the price of the diamond. I would go for a colorless diamond with very few or no inclusions and a brilliant cut. The cut is the most important factor to consider.

After you selected your diamond it is now time to choose the setting. Here you need to look at how the stone will look in the setting. If you want the stone to have a flowing look about it then a channel setting might be your best choice. To highlight the stone in the ring with a tight grip you might want to select a prong setting.. A bezel setting will protect the stone better which can be used for princess cut diamonds.

Finally you need to choose the ring. Here you can get creative. Does your girlfriend like solitaire or maybe a 2 or 3 stone ring? Does she like white gold, platinum or maybe yellow gold? Platinum is very popular but it also costs more. I personally like white gold.

Finally you can add other personal touches such as etchings and other details to the ring.

People love to design engagement rings as it gives a much more unique and personal twist to the ring. Your future wife will adore you for taking the time to design her engagement ring.

Learn how to design engagement rings and save a bunch of money by seeing how I did it. Click HERE to learn more.

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