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Dental Implants Q & A

Dental implants are now the preferred method of tooth replacement in the world of dentistry replacing dentures and bridges which were until recent years the traditional methods. In this article I seek to answer some of your questions about the methods used and the advantages of this method of tooth replacement.

The first obvious question is ‘how are the implants done?’ Well, the process begins with drilling a hole into the jaw bone where the missing tooth is. A titanium implant is placed into the hole and is left to integrate with the bone tissue and when this has healed and a solid base has been created, a post is attached to the implant to which a false tooth can be attached.

Another commonly asked question is ‘why would you have a dental implant instead of dentures or bridges?’ There are many advantages of dental implants over other methods of tooth replacement. Unlike dentures, implants do not lead to discomfort when eating or potential irritation of the gums. Unlike bridges which have to be attached to nearby teeth, implants do not have any effect on neighbouring teeth. Also, unlike all other methods dental implants lead to false teeth that are indistinguishable from other teeth as long as it is done properly.

If you need a tooth replaced you are probably now thinking ‘am I suitable for implant treatment?’ As long as your oral health is at a reasonable level then you will be. There are exceptions, however. If you smoke or drink excessively, have gum disease or have reduced immune systems due to an illness then you will not be suitable for dental implant treatment.

The final question that you will be asking yourself is ‘how much will all this cost?’ This varies from practice to practice and will depend on such things as the reputation of the clinic, the type of implant used or the level of work that needs to be done. In general it will cost between 1000 and 3000 in the UK, but in most cases it is money very well spent.

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