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Dealing With Blackheads The Right Way

If you are thinking of popping blackheads out from your skin, you better think twice. It may seem relieving at first, but popping blackheads should only aggravate your situation. If you are going to use your nails in doing so, that should make things worse. There are ways of extracting them without being too harsh on your skin. There are even better ways of keeping them from coming back.

When your fingernails force out the blackhead, bacteria from your fingers may cause irritation or inflammation to your skin. This may worsen the situation of your skin since the bacteria of your fingers are transferred. Even if you washed your hands, it is still not a good idea to force it out when you can get medical help or other natural methods. If you can not afford to go the dermatologist, there are other alternatives to popping blackheads on your own.

Products which dry up your face can make your oil glands produce more oil. In order to balance out the moisture on your face, skip washing your face often within the day and stick to doing it twice a day – in the morning and night time. Opt for oil-control films available in supermarkets and drugstores to pat away the shine. For moisturizers, lotions and creams choose those which are water-based and non-comedogenic. There are facial masks which you can use at home which does not make your skin blotch like when popping blackheads. This is a good alternative in blackhead removal instead of going to the dermatologist.

If things get worse for you though, you can always visit your doctor for other medical remedies. However, make sure you use all natural options first before using topical solutions or taking pills that may cause side effects or hormonal imbalance. Inform your dermatologist of the allergies that you may have for him/her to know what kind of prescription to provide.

If you think popping blackheads with the dermatologist is farfetched, there are homemade remedies that can help you with your predicament. Mixing lemon oil and honey should make a good cleanser. Green tea takes care of your blemishes and acne marks. Aloe Vera and almond powder should be good too.

Taking care of your skin should not be taken for granted. The skin is your largest organ and it is just right to give it due care. Doing so should also keep you from popping blackheads in the future.

Tom Brukschell writes about blackhead remedies at his blog, Learn more about eliminating blackheads and remove blackhead.