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Cystic Acne Treatment: Steps To Improve Your Skin!

A common skin inflamation is Cystic acne which develops as bumps beneath the skin. Pimples are a different type of acne

While the pain of Cystic acne is the most obvious and immediate effect of this skin condition, Cystic acne can also result in infections and biological hormonal imbalances.

Deciding on medical or surgical treatments can be a serious choice for sufferers of cystic acne and should be considered for serious situations, but for milder cases where you want to control an erruption or prevent it from worsening, there are some simple procedures you can do in your own home.

Maintain a daily skin hygiene, then you need to wash the affected area with a good anti-bacterial cleaner between two or three times a day.

Bacterial infections can worsen acne, making control and cure that much harder. You need to stop using makeup, letting the anti-bacterial lotions you apply instead to their work. Non-cystic acne areas can have make-up but protect acne areas from make-up, excess oil and sweat.

By mixing baking soda which you can find in your kitchen with water [1 part to 1 part] you get an excellent paste to apply to your skin. You don’t need to leave it there long — fifteen to 30 minutes to get the benefit as it fights your acne.

Baking soda has the excellent quality of absorbing oil, drawing it out of your skin, and reduces bacteria by changing the skin ph which causes your acne to disappear.

Another idea is to use a mud mask or deep cleansing mask that has an active citric acid component on affected areas of your skin. Excess oils are dried up by the mask and skin is rejuvenated.

You can also try out the many types of acne creams and treatments you can find in stores.

Always buy something that has benzoyle peroxide in it. That is the truely useful ingredient in all acne creams and ointments and if you buy something without it you are just wasting your money.

Simple changes in diet can also be useful and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Eating a lot more fresh fruit increases your vitamin intake. Avoid spicy and oily foods which can worsen acne inflammations.

You should also drink a lot of water. Between 2 to 4 liters a day. This water keeps your skin healthy and clean from the inside while you work on keeping it clean from the outside.

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