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Cream For Stretch Marks: Identifying The Best From The Frauds

Topical stretch mark creams are some of the first and best ways to solving the root causes of stretch marks. Because stretch marks develop due to natural processes such as getting pregnant, gaining/losing weight, puberty and muscle growth, it is best to treat them with natural products as well.

Bodily Changes – There are so many things that happen to our body as we go through puberty and mature in the natural aging process. This is why so many of us suffer from stretch marks. However, there are some who are good at covering up and fixing their stretch marks, and others who just feel hopeless. Stretch marks are indeed highly treatable, it’s just that they take some time to fade-people feel they are never going away merely due to this fact. The only way to get rid of stretch marks effectively is to be realistic with your solutions.

Consumers often find themselves quite frustrated with the stretch mark creams they’ve tried in the past. This often happens when you go to store, scan through the shelves and pick the first product that “catches your eye.” The truth is, any product can indicate a “miracle cure” for stretch marks, or simply have an attractive package. The very first step to choosing the best cream for stretch marks is becoming a smarter consumer.

Do your assignment. You might want to focus on ingredients first. Studying the best, worst and typical ingredients in stretch mark creams in general will help you become more familiar with how the “ultimate” stretch mark cream should work. A tip is to watch out for ingredients that contain chemical components. If you want the best stretch mark cream for you, separate natural and chemically processed ingredients, and go for the natural ones. Some companies add chemicals to their products to make it more affordable to manufacture and sell them. The problem with this is that these products are often ineffective in treating the root causes of stretch marks. We don’t want to just cover up stretch marks temporarily, but we want to reduce or eliminate their existence on our skin for good. What’s great about natural ingredients is that they are highly compatible with our bodies and much safer. For instance, stretch marks almost always develop in women during pregnancy, so you wouldn’t want to use products that are loaded with chemicals.

Reliability and Credibility – Speaking of companies that sell stretch mark creams, the next step is to research on their credibility and reliability. Visiting their websites, reading reviews/customer complaints, and before and after pictures will often give you a good idea of how much you can trust a particular company. Also look into how many years the company has been producing stretch mark creams.

So how do we identify the best from the frauds? Statistics show that more than 50 percent of consumers feel cheater by companies that sell stretch mark creams. Some stretch mark products come as creams that can be applied topically to cover or hide stretch marks. Other products focus on reducing the appearance and prevent stretch marks from developing. You must choose the latter. Stretch mark creams that simply fail are those that do not indicate to the consumer the root cause of stretch marks.

Healing and Repairing – Do not buy stretch mark creams that claim to be effective simply because they “moisturize the skin.” If that were the case, everyone would continue to use their regular skin lotion and not worry about their stretch marks. Choose a product that will repair and heal skin cells. Secondly choose a product that is all-natural, because natural ingredients are more likely to absorb well into the skin compared to chemically processed ones. No matter how “potent” ingredients are, if they are unable to sip deep into the skin, they do nothing. Moving on, Tretinoin or Retin A products are helpful in treating fresh stretch marks, however, they are entirely ineffective on old ones.

So what is the best cream for stretch marks then? There are a few, and those contain vitamin E, aloe vera, collagen, shea butters, elastin, emu oil and rose hip oil. A good cream will address the root cause of stretch marks, including deep scar tissues, slow production of new cells and loss of elasticity of the skin. Therefore, a good cream will focus on good absorption of ingredients, sooth/moisturize the skin, encourage the production of collagen and elastin, and slough off dead skin cells and enable new growth of cells. Moreover, check for good guarantees, reasonable pricing, less hype and more practical explanations/claims, safety and self-regulated by the company.

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