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Cowboy Fashion Appeal

Fashion is an industry that is always booming with change. The specific styles leave, change, or maybe return from previous decades. This can be frustrating and costly for people and specifically parents whose children demand the latest fashion. There is one fashion style that has been around for years and will continue to stay, western wear.

In fact, a lot of styles come from western wear. Great western wear like boot-cut jeans, leather boots, western shirts, and cowboy hats have helped inspire current and past fashion styles. Western wear is a universal fashion. It can be worn by old, young, male, or female.

A western shirt that is very popular is the flannel shirt. At one time only farmers and ranchers wore flannel shirts, but now it is worn by one and all. It must be because flannel shirts are comfortable, warm, and durable. Flannel shirts also have the appeal of making men look masculine, mysterious, and rugged.

Women might be hesitant to wear western clothing for the fear that it is too masculine, but it isn’t. The western shirt is the same pattern for both male and female, and yet it can be feminine. The female western shirts use a princess seam that makes it more feminine. Another way to make it feminine is to use pastel or floral printed fabric.

Another top that is a western feminine top is the peasant top. This specific style has a tight fitted body with slightly flared sleeves. This shirt is not a universal shirt because it is strictly for women, but it is still a western wear. The peasant top can be casual with boot-cut jeans or dressed up with a skirt and boots.

Boots are another very popular western styled fashion. From leather boots with hand sewn stitching to being zipped with heels, their origin comes from western clothes. Laced up boots come directly from the west in the 1940’s and 50’s. They wore them then for practical use in horseback riding and ranching, but it was for a fashion expression too.

Much like boots, cowboy hats were once used for practical reasons but are now a fashion statement. The original reason to wear a cowboy hat was to protect ranchers and farmers from the sun, wind, rain, heat, and cold. The cowboy hat still protects consumers from the weather, but it is now a fashion accessory. Men and women wear them to dances, malls, or just to look good while riding.

Western fashion is a great way to stay in style and still be cost effective. It is for the young, old, male, or female. It can be worn at any occasion. Western style is always in style and readily available.

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