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Cotton Hat And More

A cotton hat is very comfortable, flexible and versatile. You can use it at any occasion or setting. Be it a formal gathering or a casual get-together with family and friends, cotton hats never gets out of style. If worn and carried really well, the wearer could come off as somebody who is trendy, fashionable, stylish and chic. A wearer of a cotton hat is not exclusive to one gender only. Both men and women, young and old can enjoy this wonderful head accessory.

There are a lot of varieties to choose from. So, to help you choose which hat that will be appropriate for the occasion you are attending, you must first be familiar with the different types of hats and caps out there. This will make hat shopping easier for you. Below are some of the different types of hats and caps that can be used by both gender of any age.

ASCOT CAP. Also known as the Cuffley cap, Ascot caps were originally a hard men’s cap similar to the flat cap but identified by its hardness and rounded shape. But, with the changes in time, different materials have been used to improve the look of a typical ascot cap. It is mostly of single color, making it easier to match with an ensemble that could be as formal as a corporate suit.

BASEBALL CAP. The classic cap, originally used as part of the uniform of baseball players, baseball caps are probably the widely used caps in the world. Men, women, young and old people alike wear baseball caps in almost all situations. Some used it as part of their daily hair accessory. People go to school wearing baseball caps. Then there are those who wear in just for a casual weekend stroll in the mall.

BERET. Usually associated with Portugal, this beret is likewise the conventional headgear of Italy and Netherlands. This is likewise used for the military. Berets are usually soft round hat, typically of wool felt, with the flat crown, put on by both males and females. Initially, of plain shade, the reinvention of beret provided us your number of styles or prints. It is really fashionable whenever a person accentuate that with the preppy appearance.

BUCKET HAT. Also known as the fisherman’s hat, it is a soft cotton hat with a wide, downwards sloping brim. The bucket hat can be paired with any classic casual ensemble. The printed, plain or neutral colored hats would look good with a classic tee shirt and khaki pants. Spring and summer are the best times to don this hat.

FEDORA. A classic style of hat originally made to be worn by women. But, in 1919, the hat was used as part of men’s middle-class clothing accessory. Like with any fashion, the fedora evolved from solid colors to printed hats. Different materials, like felt, leather and cotton were used to reinvent this classic design, too.

GATSBY. Likewise known as the newsboy hat, the actual Gatsby design is extremely similar to both beret as well as flat hat. This was initially associated with news boys in European countries and America about 19th and 20th century. Right now, the newsboy hat will be noticed throughout the golfing clubs simply because rich golf players want to put them on too.

Using cotton hat is a unique way to accessorize your outfits. It not only makes you look elegant and stylish; it also adds glamour to your fashion statement. Or you may want to try cotton scarf.