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Contact Lenses Designs

These odd and unique lenses are not for the faint of heart. Crazy contact lenses are a fun and fashionable way to add some spark and excitement to your day. The many wild designs will give you a look that anyone will notice for sure. You will stand out in a crowd because these lenses are definitely noticeable. Unlike regular color lenses, crazy contact lenses have unique designs that could range from whimsical to weird to scary to puzzling. You definitely need to have a fun and extrovert personality to wear these, unless of course it is Halloween, then no one will care.

These lenses are for pure fun, they will not correct your vision. No prescription is required, of course. You have to care for them like any other lenses. If you require a prescription for regular contact lenses, you may be able to get these made in prescription. Your eye doctor should be able to direct you on how you can get these. Even if you do not need a prescription lens, you can visit an optician to inquire more about them.

Crazy contact lenses come in many creative and unique designs and colors. Some of these designs are a cat’s eye, flags, funky colors, zebra, spirals, angelic eyes, creepy eyes, elf, star, flower, banshee, wolf, zombie, reptile, rave, Manson, pinwheel, shamrock, moon and star, frog, spider web, rainbow, fire, marble, snowflake, computer chip, all black, white, and so many more. Also theatrical lenses such as volturi, twilight, and much more. As many as the imagination can handle. If you want to take a look at the most unusual of these lenses visit FX Eyes website, (fxeyes) and you will be impressed for sure at the many styles and unique creations available. You can also order them to be custom made for you.

A very fun style is the mirrored style. Just like a mirror, they will reflect the outside but you will see the people, they will not see thru your eyes – just a mirror.

You can find these lenses at different prices, very cheap prices, but also they can get pricey depending on the quality of material and the artistic design, as well as if they are custom made, or need a prescription. Beware of very cheap lenses, which are made with materials with low quality as they may affect your vision. Cleanliness is the most important aspect, as you should care for them, and clean them accordingly.

If you want a little bit of fun and excitement, experiment with these contact lenses and see how others react to you while wearing them.

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