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Conceal Acne: In 5 Simple Steps

If you have ever had acne in your life then you know how it affects your self image. It always seems to pop up when you have that special engagement.

But don’t despair! You can still have that Natural Look. With the right make-up to cover your acne, you won’t even know it’s there.

Here are some tricks every girl and boy should know. Yes, there is make-up that men use too. Your face needs to be cleaned with an acne face wash, and moisturized with the correct preparation for acne treatment. Once this is done, you are now ready to try some magic:

Step # 1: You want to conceal the acne, and cover with foundation that achieves the Natural Look. So first start with a clean face, use an acne treatment face wash, plus a good moisturizer. Now most skin with acne is oily where the acne is with some dry patches. Use the correct moisturizer for this. Concealer: The green concealer works well to neutralize red tones. Apply this first, dab a little on the area to be covered and blend in well. Concealers also come in very light skin tone colors to dark skin tone colors. Find the right one for your skin tone. Try out a few at the cosmetics department of your local store; they should have testers to try. Over the green concealer, blend a little of the skin tone you have chosen. Blend well.

Step # 2: Find the correct foundation, one that conceals and makes your skin still look natural. This task you can leave to the cosmetic consultant. If you are not happy with what she recommends, keep trying until you find one you think is correct, rub a little on your inner wrist and blend in well. Look at it outside the store, in natural daylight, as artificial light changes the color. Your inner wrist is the closest color to your face. If it looks natural, and blends in well, this is the one for you. If it cakes, try a creamier foundation. If it looks too orange, try a lighter shade. It must blend in perfectly on your inner wrist, but still give slight coverage. Oily skin will need either a powder foundation, or oil-free, matte liquid foundation.

Step # 3: Build up the foundation a bit a time, less is more, and blend in well. You do not want to look like you are wearing a mask, so keep it light. Your acne should now be concealed. Use a little of the foundation on the rest of your face and blend in well. If your concealer does the trick alone, good, then you will not need the foundation. Remember the look should be natural.

Step # 4: If you want to set your foundation with powder, this makes it last longer. It can be very drying, so go sparingly with the translucent powder. A loose powder, not compact, applied with a large soft brush works best. Keep a tissue under your face when doing this to save your clothes.

Step # 5: Keep sample sizes with you for touch-ups. Do not add layer upon layer. Rather clean off old make-up with a face wipe pad, which is great for this, and redo with your samples. Your look should be natural not masked.

And after using these tips a few times, with the correct concealer and foundation, you will be a pro at hiding your acne, and achieving that glowing Natural Look.

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